woman runs in park

EDITED: new fun link added.

Last week’s cartoon had (almost) 3 rules to follow in dating.  Some of them are harder than others.

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man in parkIt’s February 2016, Leap Year, and it’s Love Month in Psych Central! To celebrate the occasion, I’ll be posting a cartoon each week in February on the many different ways to look at love.

Now, it might seem that that this cartoon doesn’t fit the theme, because really, how snippy can you be? She’s not very motivational. It reminds me of what I call “husband-wife argue” cartoons, which were popular in the fifties, and, unfortunately, for many years after at certain old publications. (Like Wall Street Journal even today!) There was a certain meanness that I didn’t really understand.

I found a link with examples that proves my experience. I thought they were called insult valentines, but even Wiki calls them Vinegar Valentines. Sweet! Mean-Vintage-Valentines-10

On the other hand, I, too, am very annoyed that he’s just sitting there doing nothing, while she is doing the hard work of running.

And a heart ♥ is pointed out in my cartoon. Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ at the start of Love ♥ Month!

Next week: how to sound (or sign off) like a great lover.