presidents day cartoon

A new Love Month cartoon!

Last week’s cartoon was the second one for Love Month in Psych Central! (The first one is here.) It had a list of 11 different ways to sound like a great lover. and a cartoon about a man who worried he was not.

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president's day cartoonI did this cartoon for Slate, about Valentine’s Day and President’s Day colliding every year – and sometimes ending on the same day. (I don’t often draw real statues, so maybe I need to point out that this is President Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty hooking up.)

She’s a little bigger than him of course, and that brings us to the money issue again. What if the woman has a bigger income? A lot bigger? Is there much chance a man would turn into Caitlyn “Kardashian” Jenner? Don’t count on it. 🙂

While reviewing Farnoosh Torabi’s new book, When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women, Forbes gives a negative spin to this common scenario, for both men and women. It seems to mostly be related to the belief than men feel emasculated. 🙁

I like what Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker has to say about it here:

Keep money out of [household] chore talk. Face it — it doesn’t matter if one partner is making $22,000 a year and the other is making $220,000. You are both working and you are both putting in 40-plus hours each week to get your paychecks. Hopefully, you are both doing something that matters to you. Probably neither one has more free time than the other.

Yeah, who does the work at home really matters a lot. And keep that passion alive, boys, by bending her over to give her a kiss.

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