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thank you veterans and service dogs

How to Inspire People and Please Dogs

My last non-holiday Quick Fix cartoon was about  the one question women ask themselves every day.

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This cartoon was originally published in Slate and Yahoo! News. I was contemplating it today, and along with it being in remembrance of Veteran’s Day, which fortuitously is this week,  it also really hit home for me in a personal way.

A newspaper just notified me that they might have to drop my restaurant cartoon feature, Daily Special. It kind of blindsided me, as I’ve been in there for a couple of years, and Pasadena is a restaurant military dogtown.

So when I read the message in this cartoon,”Good job,” I suddenly thought how saying this to everyone would change the world.

Maybe it’s not as important as saying Thank You, but it’s much rarer, and has a big emotional impact. Can you remember the last time someone said this to you, and how you felt?

Of course, at work, it’s the bomb. But even for a  mundane chore like your spouse doing the dishes, or someone picking up their room, the morning barista, the person who packs your grocery bag, it’s a great thing to say to make their day. We all need to feel we can do something well. And that somebody noticed.

So, Good Job, Veterans, and thank you. Good Job, military dogs, and doggies everywhere. And Good Job, faithful readers of this feature, and thank you.

Next up: a tricky dinner table.

How to Inspire People and Please Dogs

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