woman dies waiting for phone to ring

*I thought this might be a good week to repost a column I wrote back in April.

Last week’s cartoon was about recognizing talent and ability in a person struggling with addiction. Never give up. Miracles happen.

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Today’s cartoon is a little macabre, but it brings up two subjects I’m passionate about: relationships and body image (or dieting, to those of us who like to speak plainly.)

Maybe if one doesn’t work out, the other one will. Do you really have time to wait for either one?

Of course, the woman could call him herself, if it isn’t too late.

Q. Is she a zombie?

A. Yes, I like to think she is. And once the phone finally rings, she will be both thinner, and have a nice date to look forward to.

It’s a two-fer this week. Coming next: a cartoon on Osama bin Laden and 3 ladies in a bar. When he died, somebody cried.