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Today’s cartoon is a great one for psychology students, or even just students of human behavior. I wonder if we all have approach-avoidance situations every single day?!

PsychCentral recently had a news article about approach avoidance in the sense that we worry about objects “approaching” us. But I did this cartoon thinking about the original  Approach Avoidance theory, posited by Kurt Lewin in the 1940s. Wiki uses the example of marriage as an institution that has both strong negative and positive aspects. 🙂

pushme-pullyou, in person

pushme-pullyou, in person

Actually, this idea was introduced to many of us earlier, as children, in either the Dr. Doolittle books or movies by Hugh Lofting, where one of the characters was the pushmi-pullyu (pushme-pullyou). (And the books were written in the 1920s!)

I did this cartoon for my restaurant series, Daily Special, so of course it’s about food. I go through this push/pull at least once a day: what should I eat, and what will it cost me in calories/fat/health/pleasure?

That puts me in the dark land of indecision. Care to join me?