woman thinks her therapist is on tv

Last week’s cartoon,  about a way to keep track of what good things other people think about you,  is here.  All rights reserved, and content including cartoons is ©Donna Barstow 2014,  My main cartoon site is Donna Barstow Cartoons. And  you can Like me  on Facebook to get notified of new cartoons as I post them. Thanks!

Today’s cartoon is about what we bring to every therapy sessions or psychology evaluations, and that is, our view of the world. How we frame our life is often pretty visible to much of our family and friends, of course, and not just our doctor or counselor. Still, it can be embarrassingly obvious, as in this cartoon!

To any who have been following along on this little blog with me, I have confessed before that I really like TV. I don’t watch that many shows, but I’m afraid I have an emotional attachment with some of them. Okay, maybe I Love some of my shows.

Just don’t tell my therapist.