joke about buffet lunch

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A recent poll says that 74% of people believe in God, which is down from 82% in previous years. I’m not convinced that atheists are gaining members. Isn’t it also “believable” that people are more private than ever, or don’t want to be judged, in today’s very judgmental media, and social media?

In-God-We-Trust-copyOur country was built on the backbone of religious freedom. And we hold reminders of that in our pocket; they put the name of God on all our coins and paper dollars: “In God We Trust”. I didn’t know that, since 1956,  this is also the official motto of the United States.

But it’s curious that so many people will talk about their relationships, sex lives and preferences, and their income, but very rarely bring up the topic of God, or any Superior Being. And it’s such an interesting, rich topic!

Since the cartoon is a little small, note that in the cartoon the woman, like all good sitcom wives, is annoyed at her husband for his joking remark. Yet I’m sure he’ll do it again.

Of course, not everyone will agree about God, religion, philosophy, or  money. That’s good. That’s why we have buffets.