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The Upside of the Downside


Last week’s cartoon,  which raises the question: Would you be a good witness in a crime? is here.  All rights reserved, and content including cartoons is © Donna Barstow 2017,  My own website is Donna Barstow Cartoons. And Like me  on Facebook to get notified of new cartoons. Thanks!

(For the benefit of non-religious persons, Gabriel in this cartoon is not a reference to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a winner of the Nobel Prize, who,  as it happens, passed away just a few hours ago, but rather an angel in the Bible who is often referred to as a guardian of the gates of heaven.)

This week’s cartoon is about  being assertive, and asking for what you want, or need.  I’m like Lucy in the Peanuts strip: I can ask for, or complain about, almost anything, and then feel fairly virtuous about it.

However, knowing when to protest, and when to just accept,  is one of life’s big lessons. If no one tries to change things, they never get better. If one does complain about problems, sometimes you get the upside of improving the situation – and this can also help others, which is gratifying.

But there’s always the downside of not getting what you ask for, or even making the situation much worse, as in this cartoon. He was assertive, and spoke up for himself, but Gabriel took him at his complaining words. And now the guy doesn’t have to worry about wings or heaven, poor guy. (I feel bad for him.)

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The Upside of the Downside



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