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How to Know When to Stop an Obsession

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Last week’s cartoon,  about a sexual activity which surprised me by being so controversial,  has one word which some may find offensive. All rights reserved, and content including cartoons is © Donna Barstow 2014,  And Like me  on Facebook to get notified of new cartoons. Thanks!

Today’s cartoon is about a woman who has it all. Perhaps more than the average person has of one particular item. Oh, please, don’t tell me you haven’t collected something from time to time. Whether it’s displayed in your  living room, or hidden in your basement, most people have a collection.

The search for the perfect collection might be the hunter-gatherer instinct,  a way to fill an empty space in your life, or simply a love of beauty and crafts. In any case, when you ask the world, What will you give me today?, sometimes you get an interesting reply.

I collect hand-beaded purses, vintage children’s books, and fountain pens.



How to Know When to Stop an Obsession



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