men in bar discuss sex


Last week’s cartoon,  about what one woman decided she had to do to get a good night’s sleep,  is here. All rights reserved, and content including cartoon is © Donna Barstow 2014,  And Like me  on Facebook to get notified of new cartoons. Thanks!

From last week’s cartoon in the bedroom, today’s cartoon leads straight into the… no, I wasn’t going to say into the gutter.

Into the wild world of pornography. Love it, hate it, use it, ignore it, it’s here to stay. It’s legal, if you are over a certain age. And it’s certainly widely available.

The caption is a little small, and I spelled one word wrong, so it should read: “I prefer my porn straight up, and unfiltered by gaiety and good cheer.”

I guess what I’m saying in this cartoon is that porn,  just like sexual relations,  can be light-hearted or very serious, and there’s no need to hide certain explicit magazines inside Family Circle.

Not that I’ve ever done that.