is date gay or straight

Last week’s cartoon,  about a woman whose mirror talks to her, is here. All rights reserved, and content including cartoon is © Donna Barstow 2013. Oh, and in 2014, too. 🙂 Thanks!

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Today’s cartoon is about sexual orientation, gender identity, and dating pitfalls for singles.

Figuring out someone’s sexual orientation isn’t labeling, it’s survival skills for single people. You really want to try to figure this out before you cast a romantic eye towards someone, no? Otherwise, embarrassing!

The TV forum boards are filled with this guessing game, when, for instance, The Bachelorette season is on. Are all of her suitors  there “for the right reasons”?

Maybe they should read this new study of men’s faces, suggesting that the width of a man’s face and other morphological measurements, point to his sex preference. The results of the study may surprise you!

I hope you enjoy this cartoon for all of the right, or the wrong reasons.