you have to eat the healthy stuff before you're allowed to get sweets

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To answer the question in the title, for this lady, it would be desserts. For anyone else, it would be the food that you most desire!

Today’s cartoon is about dieting, and making healthy choices, yes, (and you can find more of my food and restaurant cartoons here,) but it’s also about how we treat ourselves…or how we don’t.

We’ve all read articles on setting goals, Pavlovian training, and how to break bad habits, or begin new, good ones. Positive and negative reinforcement are covered in every first class in Psychology.

But for some of us,  the hard parts, the struggle and painful work, go on a little too long.  (Personal note: I hate making salads.)  You should reward yourself immediately for any progress.

We need to treat ourselves like queens (and kings) and have more dessert.