parrot bird to customer in store

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Today’s cartoon is for all those people in your life who don’t listen, or who pretend to listen, and nervous non-stop talkers.  A little of both is what makes a memorable conversation.

Actually, in spite of what this pet store clerk says, birds are very good listeners. And I speak from experience. 🙂

You talk too much song only proves my point.

Life is an Experiment

I wanted to give some kind of explanation about what we’re doing with my cartoon here at PsychCentral. First of all, thank you so much to all who stop by here, and make this so much fun. I think this is my favorite “group” blog! And I am so grateful for your support and reading.

Cartoons are different from the normal informative blogs like the ones on this site, obviously. They can stand alone, and don’t need text or an explanation. Dr. Grohol has suggested placing each weekly cartoon on the main blog page, for all to enjoy immediately. However, my “variable” handwriting, and the size of mobile screens being what they are, you may want to click through to this page to get the biggest version. Either way, very happy to be back, and hope you enjoy the cartoons!

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