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This week’s cartoon is about sex.

I like sex. But politicians who have sex? Doesn’t interest me. I don’t care how, when, or where. If no one got hurt, good for them.

You probably never heard about this guy, Assemblyman Mike Duvall. He was sitting in the Assembly, waiting for some boring speaker, and he started talking to the Assemblyman next to him about sex. He mentioned that he had had relations with 2 women; he was a married man.

The other guy is going uh-huh, barely listening. And the only reason this is news is that their mics were on, getting ready for the meeting, because the media had left them on. So it was really the media’s fault.

They recorded what Duvall had said, and within 15 hours, Duvall resigned, his career smashed, all because he may or may not have had sexual relations with anyone. Although he did like to talk about it. 🙂

I write more about this incident, with details, in my political cartoon blog, OpEd Cartoons. I really  like this quote from the Sacramento Bee:

We say we want the government to leave us alone, and we especially don’t want them poking into our private sex lives. So why do we make it our business to gape into their private sex lives when it makes headlines? Why are we so surprised when we discover that our public figures have their own complex sex lives?
What do you think about politicians who have sex? Do you think they should have better morals or ethics than the public? Do they inspire you?