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How to Find Who You Really Want

wanted posters cartoon - for single women only
different types of wanted posters

Do they still hang Wanted posters up in Post Offices? I haven’t been in one in so long… But I’ve always been fascinated by those bad boys the FBI wants so desperately.

As a single person, if you want to find a mate, you have a choice: do you wait for him to come to you, or do you make the first move?

I’ve tried it both ways. I’ve read a lot of  success stories where the woman makes the first move, but personally, I think I’m a little clumsy at that. And of course I’ve also placed personals (although not as big as the one in the cartoon.) I guess I’m more the wait and see type.

How about you? I’d love to hear what works for other women!

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How to Find Who You Really Want

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