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Sometimes It’s Okay to Look

woman tells date not to peek
woman tells date not to peek

Welcome to my little world!

First, to John Grohol, thank you so much for your warm introduction and invitation to join PsychCentral, a repository of interesting insights! It’s educational, but I hope no ones’  feelings get hurt when I say it’s also entertaining.  I love reading about new studies, and anything I can apply to my own life. 🙂

Second, I wrote this cartoon before I knew I would have this opportunity at PsychCentral, and the name in the cartoon has nothing to do with John at PsychCentral or anyone else who might apply it personally. 🙂

Actually, I picked this cartoon because like the woman in the cartoon, curiosity is a quality I value greatly in others (although not necessarily in this particular situation!). To me, it indicates open-mindedness, intelligence, and a sense of discovery and playfulness.

Figuring out why someone acts the way they do – or trying to figure it out – is probably why I became a cartoonist: it gives me a chance to try out different scenarios, to see what could happen. I really like to analyze people, too, rightly or wrongly, and I think you’ll find this in many of my cartoons.

Cartoonists think of the idea, or caption, before they draw (unless they are just an artist), so I’m a writer first. Your comments and feedback are very important to me. Do you want to know more about cartooning, or even offer a better one? And I’m just as interested to know if you didn’t get the funny; one thing you quickly learn on Facebook is that not everyone shares the same sense of humor. 🙂

I am so grateful for this corner of  PsychCentral called Quick Fix, and hope to see you in the funnies here again next week.

I can’t seem to stop building new websites, but my main one continues to be my name: Donna Barstow Cartoons.  And you can Like my Facebook page to get notified of new cartoons as I post them. My first book (chocolate) and my second book (dating) are still available, too.

Copyright © D. Barstow. Please contact me to inquire about permission to re-use!

Sometimes It’s Okay to Look

Donna Barstow

Cartoonist for LA Times, Parade, WSJ, Glamour, PsychCentral, Barron's, Weight Watchers, and textbooks & Chicken Soup books. Author and editor of 2 cartoon books and a Barnes & Noble calendar.

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