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Archives for April, 2013


How Food Influences Family Dynamics

restaurant choices cartoon

Remember that famous quotation from Tolstoy?
Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
And I'm pretty sure hungry, grumpy people, riding around looking for a place to eat, would fit in there just fine. My former Parade editor said this was his favorite cartoon didn't ask why.

Food, and food choices, are so important to me that I did a whole book...
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Sometimes It’s Okay to Look

woman tells date not to peek

Welcome to my little world!

First, to John Grohol, thank you so much for your warm introduction and invitation to join PsychCentral, a repository of interesting insights! It's educational, but I hope no ones'  feelings get hurt when I say it's also entertaining.  I love reading about new studies, and anything I can apply to my own life. :)

Second, I wrote this cartoon...
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