Will Your Poor Relationship with Your Brother (or Sister) Sabotage Your Love Life?

I have to admit I've had many issues with siblings, including not speaking to them for years. I was very ashamed, as it appeared that other people have Fun with Dick and Jane lives with their own brothers and sisters. It just seemed easier not to try. After all, they're only relatives.

As it happens, August is Family Murder Month, according to PsychCentral, but don't get too concerned: European Psychiatry says that...


What Should You Do if Your Landlord is a Narcissist?

book on narcixxism

I've heard and read a lot about narcissism, but in spite of having worked in the studios, and knowing many actors, directors and creative folk, I've never met anyone who I personally would label narcissistic. Sure, they might be vain, egotistical,  or self-centered, or all of the above -- but hey, that's Hollywood!

Until now.

I've been a little AWOL this year because I was fighting to keep my home of...


This One Quality Might Be the Most Attractive Thing About You!

woman tells date not to peek

According to How Stuff Works,  curiosity is a big bonding trait. People make relationships based on it- whether they share finding wonder in the world, and it's even more important than whether you choose a partner or friend based on positive or negative traits! (The assumption in these studies is that you choose a cheerful, positive person, but eh, low-key has its attractions, too.)

I don't think doing crossword puzzles...


A Cartoon About Second-Class Love

We're still in the Month of Love, and so I wanted to share a favorite cartoon that still makes me laugh.

When I wrote this, I thought agape just meant friendship - and no sex, which is why I thought it was funny. Maybe heaven...