How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

If this title made you read the column, I already like you! That's because, according to How Stuff Works,  curiosity is a big bonding trait. People make relationships based on it, and it's even more important than whether you choose a partner or friend based on positive or negative traits. (The assumption in these studies is that you choose a cheerful, positive person, but eh, low-key has its attractions, too.)

I don't think doing crossword puzzles has much to do with being curious. People like to...


Are You Ashamed to Be Seen With Him in Public?

My last column was 6 Easy Things to Do, to Make Your Life 5% Better. They work.

In July, even if we're stuck at work or at home, we remember past summers, and going someplace warm with a lot of water, possibly salt. Summer at the seashore. So here's your cartoon for that.

Does your Significant Other do well in social situations, or does he have a meltdown in public? Could his grooming be improved? Do you not want to take him out in the real...