How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

If this title made you read the column, I already like you! That's because, according to How Stuff Works,  curiosity is a big bonding trait. People make relationships based on it, and it's even more important than whether you choose a partner or friend based on positive or negative traits. (The assumption in these studies is that you choose a cheerful, positive person, but eh, low-key has its attractions, too.)

I don't think doing crossword puzzles has much to do with being curious. People like to...


Are You Ashamed to Be Seen With Him in Public?

My last column was 6 Easy Things to Do, to Make Your Life 5% Better. They work.

In July, even if we're stuck at work or at home, we remember past summers, and going someplace warm with a lot of water, possibly salt. Summer at the seashore. So here's your cartoon for that.

Does your Significant Other do well in social situations, or does he have a meltdown in public? Could his grooming be improved? Do you not want to take him out in the real...


6 Easy Things to Do to Make Your Life 5% Better

My last column listed 11 ways to sound like a great lover. That was fun, wasn't it?

Apologies for the absence these past weeks. I've been in crisis mode, as my long-time home, my apartment building, has been sold to new owners. Like most of Los Angeles now, we don't have Rent Control and other renters will understand the severe problems that presents: we are at the mercy of harsh people (read the reviews on Yelp - ouch) who have complete control over whether...