6 Easy Things to Do to Make Your Life 5% Better

My last column listed 11 ways to sound like a great lover. That was fun, wasn't it?

Apologies for the absence these past weeks. I've been in crisis mode, as my long-time home, my apartment building, has been sold to new owners. Like most of Los Angeles now, we don't have Rent Control and other renters will understand the severe problems that presents: we are at the mercy of harsh people (read the reviews on Yelp - ouch) who have complete control over whether...


11 Different Ways to Sound Like a Great Lover

A new Love Month cartoon!

Last week's cartoon was the first one for Love Month in Psych Central! It included a Vinegar Valentine, and talked about matters of the heart. Maybe it wasn't the kindest cartoon I've ever

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Why Are There So Many Beautiful People in Utah?

My last cartoon was about a very lop-sided marriage. Maybe I like 'em like that.

Today's column was sparked by a recent article in Allure. I rarely read Allure, with their clickbait titles, which aren't as cute or clever as they think they are, but this one had some good research in it: Why So Many of Your Favorite Beauty Personalities are Mormon.
I have definitely noticed this, too. So many of the most gorgeous dancers on So You...

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