2 thoughts on “Moving from Limbic to Pre-Frontal Thinking

  • August 14, 2019 at 11:42 am

    Excellent breakdown! I am going to read Stonsy’s book also.

  • August 16, 2019 at 6:37 am

    Yes good stuff.
    I’ve been remapping my thinking cap for 11 years…
    I’d been put through an NDE at the hands of my father in 1948, which incident I cannot recall, and in fact only got wind of it by accident in 1998 from a witness, so drawing this NDE conclusion was difficult because well the limbic mind so activated by such a thing kinda blocks everything in favour of survival until its pitched into a Catch 22 situation when up pops enough space for the quiet voice of reason to proffer the right conclusion.
    I’d been hung over a 500 ft cliff as a jape by my soldier father, who subsequently disappeared with another woman and so a trail of lies was invented to stop me as a toddler asking too many questions, though bit by bit these lies unravelled over time.
    Some ten years after cliff story came out I’d come to the conclusion that I was such a failure that I ought to eliminate myself, but at least neatly, and I’d overcome my fear of heights issue, so here was a fine exit.
    I took my dog for a farewell walk and chat before taking her home and driving to the very spot where the jape had occurred, but we got caught in a squall at which point inner Little Mr Hothead lost it and whined about if h’ed been killed in 1948, then this present shit wouldn’t have happened.
    In comes the quiet voice of reason “Well he did”
    Mega explosion of inner non sequitur argument tween reason and rage, until the NDE compromise, and then a study and reframing of the facts as recalled by the witness.
    Lightbulb! C PTSD….Now thats a real bummer.
    However, this is now a team fighting for proper self actualisation and former inner foes are on the same side.
    Anger synthesised into positivity and hope with the quiet voice of reason sifting and learning about C PTSD from many sources providing the stairway to haven.
    Haven is what I mean…
    I’m not a person with enough wealth to hire a therapist, but in my mid 70s Ive got the hang of dealing with life much better.
    Understanding the over activated amygdala and likely damaged circuits post anterior and prefrontal lobes means a meditative approach and a lot of healing, so far less self destructive behaviour with each part of my daft heid understanding their roles a lot better.
    Bit more attention to my ADD tendencies like improving organisation and I can wing it despite the Dyslexia which knackered my further education.
    Course its a road less travelled, but whatever and wherever?
    Not looking back in anger, not feeling it is a much lighter load…
    Keep coming up as INFP in MBTI tests…
    Apparently we can’t change a lightbulb, not true, we can, but only if it wants to be changed.
    We’re good a lightbulb moments you see.


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