One thought on “NDEs, Neuroscience and the Soul

  • August 17, 2019 at 8:18 am

    “In Kabbalah, which has an influence on New Age thinking, humans are believed to have souls that not only survive death but which live out numerous reincarnations.” – Laws of nature are the only truths. Nature has the interesting property that it always demonstrates its all laws, so that all humans can learn and emancipate. Reincarnation is one such law, and nature demonstrates it many ways in all continents in every decade. If you search the internet carefully you will find them. Here is one, known as birthmark type:

    A baby boy is born in a hospital with birthmarks of a bullet wounds on his chest and back. Doctors, nurses, and parents, confirmed that. When the boy learned to speak, he casually but spontaneously, talked about his past life over a period of time, which can be summarized as the following. His name was N in previous life. He died in a hospital H of town T on date D, due to a gunshot wound on his chest. Over time, the research scholars, news reporters, parents visited the hospital H and verified everything that the boy said from the autopsy record of the man named N, who indeed died on the date D.

    On another such case the boy had complications, and the doctors had to perform surgery on the boy to save him. The doctors found the complete straight line bullet path inside the body of the baby, exactly matching the autopsy record of the dead man of the boy’s previous life.

    These examples are simple and very convincing proof that not only humans have souls, it also manufactures the baby according to its destiny, inside the mother’s womb. That is why Bible says, “God is spirit”, and spirit is same as soul. For more details take a look at the free book on Soul Theory at the blog site


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