About The Quantum Mind & Samar Habib

The Quantum Mind is a blog that explores the psychological underpinnings of popular personal development systems that many practitioners are not aware of. Each week, my blog post will reverse engineer how these systems work and why.

About Samar Habib

Samar HabibIn 2004, I was founder and Editor in Chief of Nebula, one of the earliest global, multi-disciplinary digital publications for the humanities and social sciences. After graduating with a PhD in English in 2007, I worked as a university professor. My courses were among the top rated. I joined the United Nations in 2012 and worked on curriculum design before immigrating to the United States in 2014.

Since moving to the US, I have worked on projects with Oxford University Press, Cengage and Duke University. I now work in Tech helping startups in the Bay Area devise devise and launch their content strategies.

With a long-standing passion for positive psychology and personal development, I produced and launched the online course The Quantum Mind in 2018.

In this blog, I share with you everything I learn about the nexus of Personal Development, Psychology and Neuroscience.

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