3 New Years Resolution Ideas

2o17 is coming to an end.  Are you looking for some new years resolutions to brighten your 2018?  If so, continue reading this article.

Have A Balanced Lifestyle

One possible New Years Resolution is to have a balanced lifestyle.  This includes eating healthy, exercising, having hobbies,...


3 Tips To Eat Healthy This Holiday Weekend

Are you craving unhealthy, fatty, salty, foods this holiday weekend?  Everyone is.  It's completely normal.  If so, continue reading this article for healthy tips to eat well this holiday weekend.

Drink Plenty Of Water

The first tip to eat well this holiday weekend is to drink...


The Long-Term Benefits Of CBT For Psychosis

According to , several long-term benefits of CBT for psychosis exist.  They include effectiveness for up to two years later, in addition to spending less time in a hospital setting.

CBT For Psychosis Can Be Effective For  Up To Two Years Following Treatment

According to , CBT for Psychosis can be effective for up to two years following treatment.  CBT for Psychosis is a long-term treatment method.  Once you establish the techniques of this model, you can use them for...


The Benefits Of CBT For Schizophrenia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT,  can be used as a type of therapy for Schizophrenia.  Are you wondering what are the benefits of CBT for Schizophrenia?  This article will provide that information.

CBT Is The Preferred Treatment By Insurance Companies

Are you worried if your therapy...


Introduction To Psychosis

In my previous article I described a test used to assess for Psychosis.  In this article, I will describe the basics of Psychosis.  This article will describe what Psychosis is, in addition to the early warning signs of Psychosis.

What Is Psychosis?

According to , psychosis is "characterized as disruptions to a person’s thoughts and perceptions that make it difficult for them to recognize what is real and what isn’t."  What does this mean?  Someone who is psychotic is out of touch with...


The Psychosis Test

One of the ways to test for psychosis is a psychosis test.  This article will provide readers with some of the questions used to assess for psychosis.

The Psychosis Test

According to , listed below are some of the questions on the Psychosis Test:

In the past month have you had the following thoughts, feelings, or experiences.

Do familiar surroundings sometimes seem strange, confusing, threatening or unreal to you?
Have you heard unusual sounds like banging, clicking, hissing, clapping or ringing...

Schizoaffective Disorder

Shizoaffective Disorder: Part II

In my first article, I discussed what Schizoaffective Disorder was.  In this article, I will describe some additional information about Schizoaffective Disorder including the symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder.

What Are The Symptoms Of Shizoaffective Disorder?

According to , there are various criteria for Schizoaffective Disorder.


According to , hallucinations are seeing or hearing things that are not real.


According to , delusions are false fixed beliefs that are contradictory to evidence.

Disorganized Thinking

According to , disorganized thinking occurs...


Medication For Schizophrenia

Antipsyotics are the main type of treatment for Schizophrenia.  This article will describe the different type of antipsyhotics used to treat Schizophrenia.  It will also describe some of the benefits and side effects of antipsychotics.

What Are The Two Classes Of Antipsychotics?

According to