In my previous article I discussed what the different types of hallucinations were.  In this article I will describe what causes hallucinations.


According to, people who have a headache may also experience an “aura.” This is a type of visual hallucination. According to, it can look like a “multicolored crescent of light.”

Brain tumor

According to, a brain tumor can cause different types of hallucinations.  For instance, if the brain tumor is in an area that has to do with vision, the person may see things that aren’t real.  The person may also see spots or shapes of light.  Brain tumors can also cause hallucinations of smell and taste.

Charles Bonnet syndrome

According to, “This condition causes people with vision problems like macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts to see things. At first, you may not realize it’s a hallucination, but eventually, you figure out that what you’re seeing isn’t real.”


According to, the seizures that go along with epilepsy have a tendency to cause hallucinations.  You can get various types of hallucinations depending on the part of your brain.

What Is The Treatment For Hallucinations?

Finding Out The Causes Of The Hallucinations

According to, first you have to find out what is causing the hallucinations.  This is discussed at the doctors.  Your doctor will take down your medical history and do a physical exam.


According to, tests can be done to help determine the problem.  According to, “For instance, an EEG, or electroencephalogram, checks for unusual patterns of electrical activity in your brain. It could show if your hallucinations are due to seizures. ”

Other Treatment

According to, various other types of treatment include:


To end this article, the causes of hallucinations have been mentioned, while the treatment for hallucinations have also been mentioned.  Various causes of hallucinations include migraines, brain tumor, Charles Bonnet Syndrome, and epilepsy.  In addition the various treatments for hallucinations include finding out the various cause of the symptoms through a medical exam, tests, in addition to medication and possible even surgery.  Do not give up if you have hallucinations.  There is hope and treatment to maintain a stable life.


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