In my previous article I discussed what delusions are.  In this article, I will discuss what hallucinations are.

What Are Hallucinations?

According to, it can be interpreted that people who experience hallucinations see things that aren’t there.  In contrast, people who hallucinate touch or smell something that doesn’t exist.

What Are The Causes Of Hallucinations?

According to, hallucinations can be caused by Schizophrenia or even Parkinson’s disease.

How Can You Hallucinate?

According to, below are the ways you can hallucinate:

Hear Voices

According to, these type of hallucinations are called auditory hallucinations.  According to, these sounds may be coming from “inside or outside your mind.”  The voices might be talking to each other.  In contrast, you may think they are telling you do something, as well.

See things

According to, when a person sees things these are called visual hallucination.  If a person experiences visual hallucinations, he or she might experience insects crawling on his or her head or someone’s face.

Smell things

According, when someone smells things these type of hallucinations are called olfactory hallucination.  Someone with olfactory hallucinations may think the odor is coming from something around them or even themselves.

Taste things

According to, when people taste things this is called gustatory hallucinations.  For example, if you eat or drink something you may think it has an odd taste.

Feel things

According to, if you feel things this is called a tactile hallucination.  According to, “It might seem to you that you’re being tickled even when no one else is around, or you may have a sense that insects are crawling on or under your skin. You might feel a blast of hot air on your face that isn’t real.”


To end this article, it has been concluded that hallucinations have been present in individuals with Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s Disease.  According to, there are several different ways you can hallucinate.  They include hearing voices.  These are called auditory hallucinations.  In addition someone who can see things experiences visual hallucinations.  On an even further note, someone can smell things.  This is referred to as olfactory hallucinations.  Also, someone can also taste things.  This is called gustatory hallucinations.  On a last note, someone can feel things.  This is called tactile hallucinations.  To conclude, there are various hallucinations that can be present in individuals with Schizophrenia or Parkinson’s Disease.