Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT,  can be used as a type of therapy for Schizophrenia.  Are you wondering what are the benefits of CBT for Schizophrenia?  This article will provide that information.

CBT Is The Preferred Treatment By Insurance Companies

Are you worried if your therapy sessions are going to be covered by your insurance?  If so, try going to a CBT therapist.  CBT is the most preferred treatment method by insurance copies.  The days are over for pschoanalytic therapists.  Try going to a CBT therapist for your treatment.

CBT Does Not Have To Be Used Only In A Hospital Setting

CBT can be used in a hospital setting in group format or individual format.  However, it can also be used in an outpatient setting.  There are many CBT therapists out there that you can meet with on a needed basis.  Individual treatment sessions usually last from forty-five to sixty minutes.  Consider trying one.

CBT Is A Practical Tool

CBT is also a practical, useful tool for anyone, especially Schizophrenics.  Why is this the case?  Well CBT for Psychosis teaches clients with Schizophrenia to manage their psychotic symptoms.  This way, CBT for psychosis is quite beneficial for psychotic patients.

CBT For Psychosis Teaches Clients Coping Skills

How does CBT for psychosis work?  To be specific, CBT for psychosis teaches clients coping skills to manage their psychotic symptoms.  The therapist might challenge the client on their delusions or hallucinations, kind of like playing devils advocate.  However, the most important thing to remember when talking to psychotic patients is their delusions and hallucinations are real to them.  You have to be careful when challenging them.  You have to engage in reality testing.  You have to draw the right line.

CBT Can Be Conducted In A Group Format

In addition to being conducted in an individual setting, CBT can also be conducted in a group setting.  Sometimes CBT groups are the most effective groups.  They teach clients effective tools to manage their symptoms.


To end this article, various benefits have been mentioned for Schizophrenia pertaining to psychosis.  To be specific, CBT is the preferred treatment method for insurance companies, CBT does not have to be used only in an inpatient setting, CBT is a practical tool, CBT for Psychosis teaches clients coping skills.  In addition, CBT is also conducted in a group format.  Consider these benefits of CBT For Psychosis if you are experiencing the symptoms of Psychosis.