In a previous article on this blog, I discussed a general basis for social skills training for Schizophrenia.  In this article, I will go more in depth to what the purpose of Social Skills Training for Schizophrenia is.

What Exactly Is Social Skills Training?

What is social skills training?  According to, social skills training consists of “learning activities utilizing behavioral techniques that enable persons with schizophrenia and other disabling mental disorders to acquire interpersonal disease management and independent living skills for improved functioning in their communities.”  To explain further, in other words, social skills training for Schizophrenics consists of learning activities that enable individuals with Schizophrenia to acquire interpersonal skills and independent living skills to live and manage with proper social skills in their communities.  According to, the main principles of social skills training are shown below:

Problem identification
Goal setting
role play
Positive and corrective feedback
Social modeling
Behavioral practice
Positive social reinforcement
Homework assignments
Positive reinforcement and problem solving

What Techniques Are Used For Social Skills Training?

Personal Problems Or Needs

To address personal problems or needs, according to, “utilization of skills training for learning” occurs.

Persistent Positive Symptoms

To address persistent positive symptoms, according to, coping skills to challenge psychotic symptoms are utilized.

Negative Symptoms

To address negative symptoms, according to, verbal and nonverbal communication are used.

Side Effects Of Antipsychotic Drugs

To address the side effects of antipsychotic drugs, according to nonverbal and motor skills are utilized.

Social Anxiety And Avoidance

To address social anxiety and avoidance, according to, communication and role play are used.

Cognitive Deficits

To address cognitive deficits, according to, social or problem solving skills are used.


To address the stigma of mental illness and Schizophrenia through social skills, according to, assertiveness skills are used.

Social Isolation

To address social isolation issues, according to, conversation skills are practiced.


To address employment issues, according, communication and job-finding skills are taught to patients.

Independent Living

To address independent living issues, according, skills to find housing are obtained.


To end this specific article on social skills training for Schizophrenics, various techniques have been mentioned for Schizophrenics.  It is important to remember that there are positive and negative symptoms of Schizophrenia.  The positive symptoms are the psychosis.  They can be treated with medication.  However, the negative symptoms are not so easy to treat.  They are treated with social skills training.