Coping Skills For Delusions

In my previous article, I discussed coping strategies for hallucinations.  In this article, I will describe the coping skills used to handle the delusions with Schizophrenia.


According to , distraction is the first coping skill to handle delusions with Schizophrenia.  Like experiencing hallucinations, when you are experiencing delusions distract yourself from the delusions.  Do not fixate on them.  Distract yourself from them.  Focus on something else.  Watch a television show or listen to music.  In simple terms, gear your attention away from...

Coping Skills For Hallucinations

Schizophrenia can be either acute or chronic.  Either way when you experience the symptoms of Schizophrenia you may experience hallucinations as well.  This article will provide readers with coping strategies to handle hallucinations during a psychotic episode.


According to , distraction is...

recreational activities

Staying Busy During A Snowstorm: Part II

Have you ever been trapped in your house in a snow storm.  This article will explore three ways for individuals with Schizophrenia to stay occupied during a snowstorm.


The first way to stay occupied during a snow storm with Schizophrenia is to bake.  This is...

recreational activities

3 Ways To Stay Occupied During A Snow Day With Schizophrenia

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It is snowing where I live today. It is nice and warm in my home, and I am staying indoors. In this article, I will describe three activities to keep yourself occupied with Schizophrenia on a snowy, winter day.

Drink Hot Chocolate And Read A Book

The first activity to keep yourself occupied with Schizophrenia on a snowy, winter day is to drink hot chocolate and read your favorite book. It...


What Causes Hallucinations And What Is The Treatment For Hallucinations?

In my previous article I discussed what the different types of hallucinations were.  In this article I will describe what causes hallucinations.


According to , people who have a headache may also experience an "aura." This is a type of visual hallucination. According to #1, it can look like a "multicolored crescent of light."

Brain tumor

According to , a brain tumor can cause different types of hallucinations.  For instance, if the brain tumor is in an area that has to...


What Are Hallucinations?

In my previous article I discussed what delusions are.  In this article, I will discuss what hallucinations are.

What Are Hallucinations?

According to , it can be interpreted that people who experience hallucinations see things that aren't there.  In contrast, people who hallucinate touch or smell something that doesn't exist.

What Are The Causes Of Hallucinations?

According to , hallucinations can be caused by Schizophrenia or even Parkinson's disease.

How Can You Hallucinate?

According to , below are the ways you...

Delusional Disorder

Delusional Disorder: The Basics

You may have heard of Schizophrenia where delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized speech or behavior may occur.  However, this article will focus on Delusional Disorder.  Read this article to find out more about Delusional Disorder.

What Is Delusional Disorder?

According to , someone with Delusional Disorder experiences only delusions.  According to , delusions are beliefs that are not based on reality.  On the basis of , "People with delusional disorder generally experience non-bizarre delusions, which involve situations that...