Why Women Avoid Dealing With Their Unhappiness In Relationships

Why do we women try to deny our unhappiness in our relationships?

Earlier in the week, I wrote about denial: the powerful defense mechanism that prevents us from connecting with our feelings and facing potentially painful realities.

Staying busy keeps us from connecting with our feelings — it's one of the ways women avoid. Why do we women deny our true feelings?

Possible answers...


Relationships & Women: Why Connect With Your Unhappiness?

I had lunch with my girlfriend Kayla last week. She had just received word that her divorce had finalized. A year ago, her husband of 15 years told her "out of nowhere" that he wanted a divorce.

A year ago Kayla's husband  had sprung this divorce request upon her and told her he already had a condominium picked out for himself, that he had a visitation schedule planned for the kids, and that he was leaving that day.

Kayla said she hadn't even known her husband was unhappy. She was understandably devastated. Interestingly, she only realized after the divorce was final that she had been desperately unhappy during most of her marriage. "I didn't even know it," she said.

So it goes.

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