How to Engage Your Anxiety With Your Smart Phone

I often send clients away with the homework of observing their own reactivity or anxiety throughout the week.  "Be your own scientist or your own anthropologist," I encourage them. "Observe yourself in the wild. You may not be able to do anything differently, but you can learn to hover above yourself and take notes as you engage in relationships and activities that influence anxiety."

Yet as well-intentioned as this homework may be, people often struggle to...


A National Day of Unplugging

Tonight at sundown begins a National Day of Unplugging, where technology users are encouraged to unwind and unplug. With a winter of polar vortices slowing down, people are encouraged to get outside or get anywhere mentally that doesn't involve your iPad or your phone screen.

There are plenty of articles floating across the internet today encouraging you how to embark on a digital detox. But before you start panicking and text your friends to let...


3 Questions to Ask Before You Text

Some days as a counselor and as a friend I feel caught between the generations when it comes to cell phones. Between older adults who frown on texting, and the young adults who stare back blankly at me whenever I use the phrase "call them" as a piece of advice. Is it unrealistic for a young person to have the expectation of receiving a phone call when a friend wishes them a happy birthday or when...


The Netflix Paradox: How We Talk About TV in Therapy

Did you know that if you watch so many hours of television on Netflix, that the site sends you an alert to make sure that you want to keep watching?  "Yes, I'm still alive," you probably insist as you continue marathoning your next TV show, for better or for worse. At certain times of the day, approximately half of Internet traffic consists of streaming television or movies.  We arrive home, we deflate, and we stream. It's how we...


Is My Cell Phone My Therapist?

My cell phone is the most constant relationship in my life.  It pays for my coffee and orders pizzas, and it is my travel agent when I need to catch the next train.  My cell phone is my personal assistant when I make appointments with clients,  and my personal trainer when I don't feel like exercising.  It's my recorder when I report the news, and my food critic when I'm not sure where to eat.

I listen...


Welcome to Psychology & Technology

How do therapists talk about technology with their clients? How do we think about our gadgets as tools that both help and harm the emotional process in relationships?

Drawing from research and the latest trends in the tech industry, this blog will explore how technology influences everyday actions and emotions as well as how it could be employed for problem-solving and personal motivation.

Kathleen Smith is a doctoral student in counseling and...