duck rabbit illusionThe “Rabbit-duck illusion” can now tell  your creative ability, according to a recent study.

Take the simple test right now and discover your level of creativity in minutes.

How to test yourself:

Look at the image and try visualizing a rabbit for 5 seconds.

Next, convert the image in your head until you clearly see a duck.

Repeat this once or twice and be mindful of how much effort you put forth.

Does it take a lot of mental might to flip the image? Or can you do it easily?

Try placing your effort on a scale from 1 (very easy) to 10 (very hard).

If you rate yourself a below 4 then you’re well on the creative side.

But how can you be sure? Testing the 1st test.

Take out a pen and paper – or be prepared to type out a short list.

Ready? Set a timer for 2 minutes.


Now Go! Come up with as many uses for a beer mug as you can.

Only stop when your time is up.

How many did you get?  Let me know in the comments.

That way we can get an average for Psych Central readers.

Obviously, the more reasonable uses you came up with for the mug, the more creative you are.

Sure, you can drink out of a mug but beyond that your mind has to wander a bit.

Here’s what I came up with:

1) Dig a hole

2) Make a sandcastle

3) Trap a bug

4) Put out a candle

5) Organizer office supplies

6) Use it as a striking weapon

7) Break it to use the glass for cutting rope or string…

It was harder than I expected.

You can definitely see how your mind thinks in themes with this exercise as well.

Since I began with “dig a hole”, my brain was on the topic of dirt so I jumped to sandcastles.

Then, because the mug would be upside down for making sandcastles, other upside down uses came to mind.

I only got 2 but you may have gone further with that line of thinking.

But when you’re out of things “off the top of your head” – you tend to glance around for help.

At my desk, an old moonshine jar full of pens was my next inspiration.

After that, it got much harder…

It was like I went to animal instincts when my creativity burnt out.

The only thoughts left were stuff you’d expect from a caveman (Bam! Bam! Violence!… Smash glass – cut rope!)

Did anyone else notice this?

Studies using a chair always end in participants destroying it for firewood or to make weapons so I feel pretty normal.

How did your flow of ideas come about?

It’s fun to think about how your mind jumps from one idea to the next.

And if you’re on the creative side (able to switch between the duck/rabbit easily) you should be able to come up with 5 or more uses.

If it’s harder on you, then 2 or 3 is about average.