3) Conversation = listening & having nothing to say back OR preparing something to say back & not listening at all.


Research from the past couple of years has painted a clearer picture of how your worries affect your social life.

Here are some common themes you may recognize if your control over your anxiety is in jeopardy.

1)  If you see someone you know, you don’t say hello when you first notice them.

Instead, you stand there trying to look at them without really looking at them.  You think they may not remember you and so you just wait for their opening acknowledgement… very smooth, of course.

2)  If jumping to conclusions was an Olympic Sport, you’d be a gold medalist.

Whenever something can be read more than one way – like a text or someone’s body language – you tend to catastrophize and assume the worst options over the more harmless ones.

3)  Conversation = listening & having nothing to say back OR preparing something to say back & not listening at all.

You can’t do both. And this can frustrate you like crazy when you truly want to get to know someone.

4)  You expect as much loyalty from your friends as you give them.

You’re a natural when it comes to being an awesome friend.

Bad news is, – friendships don’t always form from common personalities.

You can end up helplessly annoyed when your group doesn’t reciprocate your efforts.

5)  If it weren’t for your friends who insist you go out with them, you’d spend most of your weekend nights at home.

You rarely are the one incentivizing any sort of movement from your friends aside from “we should totally do [insert event that rarely ever gets done] sometime soon!”

The good news is that you recognize these things. And, if you wish to change any part of this story all you have to do is take a single step.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

This is the key to motivation and building yourself up the way you want to.

This crucial step is covered in: The Gift of Social Anxiety

Stay optimal friends.