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How You Can Crush Any Social Situation With A Simple Psych Hack

Work a room? Sure. Secure a higher salary? Yep. Find the love of your life? As you wish…

It all comes down to the ultimate psychological concept you can master that has the power to distinguish the lions from the gazelles. It’s the idea of framing and here you can read my article about how this common morning activity puts you in the gazelle frame of mind right from the get-go.

But other than starting your day off on the right foot, how else can you maintain that lion’s mindset?

Well, new research proves that you can prime yourself for excellence before specific events and destroy any remnant of anxiety by simply reframing the room you’re about to walk into.

“Wall-to-wall, everything is your favorite color, everyone is your best friend”

Social Psychologists call this ‘Cognitive Reappraisal’ and they will tell you time and time again that when you walk into a presentation thinking of it as a chat with a few colleagues you will absolutely demolish the guy thinking he may lose his job if things don’t go well.

So try this: next time you feel yourself becoming anxious about walking into a party full of strangers, reframe it. Imagine that you are about to be seeing a bunch of old friends who already know, like, and trust you deeply. You may think that sounds silly but the vibe you give off will be totally different than if you stuck to the status quo.

There are several studies showing that you can socialize better, get more of what your asking, and, yes, even appear more attractive when you’re induced to think in this way.

The people that live this way never fail at anything they try because instead of framing it as failing they think of it as failing FORWARD. “That didn’t work, let’s try it another way.” It’s that difference between letting perfectionism have that toxic effect, or letting it lead you to greatness.

This seems so basic but when you actually start focusing on approaching opportunities instead of circumnavigating consequences you will notice a real shift in what you expect from yourself and what you expect from the world.

So reframe your mind in every way you can and you will own your morning, you will own the board room or the bar, and you will own the life you’ve been talking yourself out of this whole time. Simply become aware of your framing and you can own that which your effort says you are owed.

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How You Can Crush Any Social Situation With A Simple Psych Hack

James Emry

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