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The Shocking Health Benefits of Your Candy Crush Addiction

Do you feel that itch?

That urge that leaves you shamelessly seeking your guilty pleasure?

While you may think your Candy Crush appreciation is becoming a problem, it may actually be the exact opposite.

In fact, your love for the game may be the solution to a number of health related issues. [Don’t Miss Out on the Free Bonus Material at the end of the article!]

Candy Crush can help you:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Kick your smoking habit
  3. Cut back on your alcohol intake
  4. And ditch your morning caffeine jolt

How can it do all this?

When you are normally craving these unhealthy habits your brain is busy at work imagining the sensation of you experiencing that activity or indulgence.

And emerging research has shown that visually engaging games like Tetris and Candy Crush may work to tame this negative imagination and win back your attention.

Apparently, it’s hard to imagine how good a drink might be, how delicious your favorite snack might be, or how relaxing that cigarette might be when you’re preoccupied with leveling up.

This means you can reduce the intensity of your cravings quite significantly with a little bit of Candy Crush rehab.

How much can you reduce your cravings?

You can cut your craving down by nearly one-quarter by focusing on games of this kind and you only need to do so for a few minutes to see some real benefits. This is because episodes of extreme craving usually don’t last past the five minute mark for most adults so having this tool of distraction at your side could prove very beneficial.

Does this give you the license to Candy Crush your day away because you’re trying to quit smoking for good. Most certainly not. You only need to use such distraction techniques when you are in the midst of a craving crisis and want to soothe your itch and just take the edge off.

My Final Word:

Learn when you really need it to distract you and Candy Crush could help you improve your life in a variety of ways by helping you kick those nasty habits.

So, go ahead, sit back and enjoy your favorite time-killer to watch your willpower and self-control reach near super-human levels…

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The Shocking Health Benefits of Your Candy Crush Addiction

James Emry

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