You may be more vulnerable to this paradoxical time-thief if you find yourself worried about how you’re spending your time.

Specifically, the more time and thought you put into your procrastination problem, the more difficult it will be to overcome. How’s that for a catch 22.

How could this be?

Well, you may need to accept a hard truth about yourself before you can really get to understand why this happens, but it’s one we’ve inspected a lot before.

You just may not have as much conscious control over your actions and behaviors as you’d like to. And in this case, beating yourself up over your continual procrastination to get to a certain task makes you avoid that task even more due to the negative emotions you have anchored to it.

When you harass yourself enough about having not started on a goal, you come to dread even the thought of it. Your goal, in fact, becomes more and more like a chore with each instance you nag yourself about having put it off.

Your goal, though abstract, can have positive and negative emotions tied to it just like any object, person or event can.

That feeling of guilt or shame about your procrastination is getting tied to your goal in a very negative way until it eventually becomes a daunting chore that you’d rather just not even think about.

So what can you do?

Self-forgiveness has been shown to reduce these negative feelings attached to your goal and free you up to think about the task in a more neutral manner.

This can help you avoid further procrastination that is linked to the “I can’t believe I keep putting this off” type of self-talk and take action by thinking “Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but today is a new day.” Positioning yourself to think about your tasks in this way will help you not lump them into the ‘chore’ category as readily because you’ll stop feeling that guilt you were forcing on yourself.

You can get a remarkable amount of things done when you stop nagging yourself over the things you’ve pushed to the side, so start practicing some self-forgiveness in your life and watch your productivity skyrocket.