Brain Scans When Mom’s Not Around: Teenage Risk Edition

Have you ever heard about something your teenage son or daughter has done and said to yourself, "What were they thinking?!"

You are definitely not alone.

Whether it be acting up at school or getting ticketed speeding around the neighborhood, you've likely been baffled by your teens' judgement at times.

They've always seemed rather mature and sensible for their age - at least when you are
What We Know
Teenagers genuinely enjoy taking risks, something that naturally dies down...


How to Focus Better & What’s Really Getting In Your Way

Focus isn’t something you do only when you need to get something done.
Focus is an 'achiever' thing, not a 'goal-setter' thing.

How many goal-setters do you know after all?

Their goal is to get to the gym more often, to make more sales, to get a promotion.

Their idea of focusing on these goals isn’t what focus is about at all.

They mean to say they’ll prioritize these things.

The difference between prioritizing and focusing:

Prioritizing is putting a cute...


Negative Judgements Reveal Lower Life Satisfaction

The negative people in your life, the haters, those that always assume the worst of

Should we feel sorry for them?

That may seem like a weird question but considering how our judgements reflect our own personalities, it may be one worth asking.

In fact, personal judgements about others may be one of the quickest ways to assess personality according to this study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

And such assessments are extremely easy to make...


How Broccoli Sprouts Help Beat Depression

More and more we're learning that what we eat can affect our mental health.

As an example, research from 2015 showed that fiber intake reduces anxiety by feeding "good gut bacteria".

Well, now we're learning that even depressive symptoms may be reduced by altering your eating

but in a different way.

That is, certain foods can affect our brain by suppressing inflammatory molecules.

Specifically, a recent study suggests that broccoli sprouts do an amazing job at this.

This is...


6 Things People with Insomnia Are Sick of Hearing

Not falling asleep as quickly as everyone else isn't new to you.

You even remember being the last kid awake at sleepovers.

You’d look on in amazement as everyone would fall asleep so effortlessly.

Some stretches of time have been worse than others but one thing has always remained true - you envy those who can fall asleep whenever they please.

And to make things worse, these people are unaware of how lucky they are.

They've never known anything else... And their inability to relate leads them to say things that leave you rolling your eyes in frustration.

Unfortunately, sleep deprivation doesn't provide a


What Do You Want to Eat?! How to Kill the Annoying Conversation For Good

She can’t decide and you can’t commit.

You’ve reached a Restaurant Stalemate - here’s your ticket out of those trenches.

You must understand that people often feel a need to get the experience, product, or food that best fits their desires…

And some feel this way much more than others.

When this need is very strong in someone, it can either be a great quality or an unfortunate handicap.