Today I Love Feeling And Breathing Better

What's nextToday I love feeling better and breathing easier. I love antibiotics when administered judiciously, love that although I have had too many rounds of them in the last year this latest round is probably exactly what I've been needing lately. I love that all it took was...


POLL: What Interests You Most About Creativity?

Hello readers, new and old!I’m Alicia Sparks, and I’ll be taking over Unleash Your Creativity (UYC). I also manage Your Body, Your Mind and handle Psych Central’s weekly Psychology Around the Net. (You can learn more about me at your convenience, if you’re interested!)


6 Ways Intergenerational Trauma Impacts Families

Have you ever heard of the term inter-generational trauma? What about "generational curse?"Inter-generational trauma is a concept developed to help explain years of generational challenges within families. It is the transmission (or sending down to younger generations) of the oppressive or traumatic effects of a historical event. For example, a great grandmother who was...

Love & Affection

Single Men Are Very Generous

Bashing single men has become quite the sport, but I’m not playing. In the many years that I have been studying single people, I have found much that is impressive about men who do not marry. One of their most admirable characteristics, I think, is their generosity.


Speculations, Assumptions, & Projections

Charlie: The word “project” has multiple definitions and two possible pronunciations. The noun, ‘project’ has an emphasis on the first syllable, as in “Writing a book is a fascinating and challenging project”. The...

Children & Adolescents

To My Husband On Father’s Day: I Get You

Fatherhood in America is changing. According to the Pew Research Center, 57% of fathers are saying that parenting is extremely important to their identity. Also, on average, dads are taking a more central role in childcare than in the past. In 2016, fathers reported spending, on average, eight hours a week on childcare – about triple the time they provided...


The Power of Love in Psychic Alchemy

Love is an extremely powerful force in human life and it has a very special place in mind management systems. Long before neuroscientists could corroborate the soothing effects of forgiveness on our bodies and in our brains, Louise L. Hay fashioned a technique centered on loving and forgiving as an avenue to healing. Before...


Living With Hope and Grief

After my son died, Isimply did not know what to do, what to say, where to go, or how to do it. We often say, “It left me speechless, I just don’t know what to say,” yet we then go on and on describing the sensation. In this case, I truly did not have the words, I...


Today I Love The Babbling Brook

Easy, peaceful streamToday I love the babbling brook that makes its way down past the cottage to the bay. I love to hear it laugh and chatter as it falls down past the front deck and the back deck and then sneaks around behind the bunkie...


Pampering Parenting & Gen Z

Dear Gen Z:2019 marks a year of Generation Z's graduation from college. And for those that are not familiar with generation historiography, each generation gets a title and the most recent one...


Today I Love Pride Parades

Growing like a weed ... or a bunch of them I guess?Today I love pride parades and the fact that I'm in a bit of a hurry to get this post done so I can go join my friends and my community to celebrate this aspect of our community that totally belongs...

Body & Mind

Wait and See: the Gifts of Patience and Presence

If you’re willing to be patient and present – to wait a bit in the unknown – you’ll be able to see the good showing up in your life. One of my favorite practices to find my center and my inner peace is sitting outdoors, being present with nature. It’s called “sit spot,” as taught to...


10 Common Lies I’ve Told Doctors

Let's face it, we all lie about something at some point in our life when discussing our health with our Doctors. Whether it's your general doctor, your gynecologist, your dermatologist, your ophthalmologist,...