Today I Love Getting Ready To Curl

yesterday's laundry still waiting for meToday I love getting ready to curl tonight for our first game. I love that it is a quick draw of some of us experienced players and all the new curlers we spent the last three "learn to curl" nights training. I love...


Why Feeling Validated Is So Important

In my years of talking to single people, one theme that comes up routinely is that the important events in their lives, the kinds of accomplishments that make them proud, are often ignored rather than validated. That is entirely different from what happens with culturally celebrated events such as weddings -- validation is nearly automatic. Tell someone you are getting married and the...


House of Horrors 2: Awful Seating

Welcome to the second of our House of Horrors episodes—Awful Seating. You’re visiting a friend’s house and seating options abound, all of them terrible for people in good health--nightmarish for people with invisible disabilities that involve pain.There’s the too-deep couch, comfortable only for someone with a 3-foot-long femur, and the piles of throw pillows you’re supposed...


I Can and I Will

Intention comes from the Latin intendere, which means to lean towards, to move towards. This is the source of the energy that moves us in the desired direction. There is a difference...


Understanding Procrastination

I've gone through bouts of productivity and bouts of procrastination and often wonder what brings on procrastination, what is the source of it, and how do I get out of it?Prior to...


Of All The Jobs I’ve Ever Had

What's on the agenda today, eh?I've done a lot of things in my life. And we all know why that is.I have ADHD. The things I do need to be exciting or interesting to hold my attention.I've been so many different things in my life that I often forget some...


Today I Love Taking Wednesday Off

Happy rumbling laundry getting ready to go out and play on the lineToday I love taking Wednesday off from my usual routine, partly because I have some things that need to get done, but mostly I love it because I'm missing my routine already and that just tells me that I love...

Bipolar Disorder

All Mixed Up

The manic episode I wrote about last week turned into a mixed-episode on Saturday.I actually slept well the night before, but when I woke up I felt jumpy and agitated.  Everything about everybody seemed to get on my nerves, and coffee, which oddly often calms me down, only made things worse.


The things I have to do

The things you want to doYou know I'm never going to get everything done.And I know you're never going to get everything done either.I think ADHD is the disorder of having too much to do. Except of course that we do that to ourselves. There are so many things we want...


Today I Love The Sparkling Sun

Warm feet are lovely thingsToday I love the sparkling sun as it makes its way up into Autumn's sky of beautiful rich blue and lights up all the leaves of brilliant color that are every where I look. I love this time of year, love the rich smells of...