How a Moment In Time Can Add Up to Lifetime of Memories

I milled about, hoping to see someone I knew, hoping someone would know me. “2015?” I asked.“Yea, I’m Backdraft.”“I’m Andy, uh Phantom,” I replied.“Nice.”And I was back in the community that enveloped me four years ago as I walked from Georgia to Maine. We were at Trail Days...


On My Nana’s Funeral, When They Showed Up.

AnnieSpratt/PixabayWhen my Nana died, I told my husband that he didn't have to come to the funeral with me. I'd made peace with her passing some time before, and I felt confident that the funeral would be more of an exercise in paying my respects than a major emotional experience in which I'd...


Life Itself – The 5 Fears for Moms of Teens

In my local town people feel a bit chaotic these days. As Roger Cohen writes in the NYTIMES today people are turning inward because the outward is too much. With Mom's day, graduations, college, drugs, guns and throwback draconian principles taking effect over our bodies, and racism and anti-semitism unleashed by the Mad King, it's...


Today I Love The Way The Mist Is Marching

Clouds at water levelToday I love the way the mist is marching determinedly up the bay. I love this magical place of mysterious goings on. I love that we have become a part of those goings on and the mysteries are no less mysterious to us. I love that there...


Can Humans See the Future?

Why do so many mind management systems assume and implicate the existence of the paranormal or supernatural? Well, for one thing, if the systems are geared toward helping the practitioner achieve the seemingly impossible, they have to install in her a paradigm for reality where her will and choices can make the improbable happen. The...


6 Not-So-Simple But Significant Questions to Ask Ourselves

I regularly talk about the importance of being honest with ourselves. Because when we take the time (and proceed despite the discomfort) to acknowledge how we're doing, what we're feeling, and what is really going on inside our hearts, we can make wise, supportive decisions. We can take wise, supportive steps. We can...


Today I Love The Shadow’s Proof Of Light

Light makes shadows and shadows define lightToday I love the shadow's proof of light, that bad weather reminds us to appreciate good weather, that pain usually reminds me that I have worked hard and accomplished things, and that darkness is the very quality that helps us appreciate the light. I love...


Trauma & The Five Senses

Trauma is a hard thing to wrap my head around cause right off the bat, when I hear the word trauma, I think of some huge incident that happened from the past...

Coping with Challenges

Broadening The Social Network

    It is an innate response to reach out to others when we are in distress, and according to Emily Falk, , Associate Professor of Communication, Psychology, and Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication and director of its Communication Neuroscience Lab, these social networks influence, and are influenced by, our brain networks.


The Sins of the Fathers

God is bloody well unfair, I thought as a child on the Sunday morning our clergyman read Number 14:18: 'The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and...


Stop the Stories and Start Being Who You Really Are

All of us struggle with thoughts. We may not always be aware of it, but our thoughts are going on in our mind constantly throughout the day. The way we think about ourselves, our circumstances, and life in general – whether conscious or unconscious – affects how we feel and actually affects our...

Mental Health

Neurodiversity and Regulation: The Out-of-sync Adult

To me, being regulated means my mind, body and soul are connected. Centered. That my senses are stabilized. All eight of them. That my mental, emotional or physical needs have not taken over. That everything is aligned and in place. Being regulated means I am the truest version of myself.I need...


Anxiety and Mindfulness

At times you may be so anxious that you think, “I’m so wound up it’s going to kill me!”   But you realize you don’t die.  Noticing how your thoughts affect your body and how your thoughts are in error can do that.


AM or FM

Dialing in the differencesRadio waves are broadcast in two different ways, FM, frequency modulation, or AM, amplitude modulation.I won't bother to explain the difference between the two, if at one time I had even a tenuous grasp of what this meant, even then I was in no position to be able...


Today I Love The Parting Week

Moody day throwing shade at usToday I love the parting week and all it has seen accomplished. I love that I enjoyed every part of it though it challenged me greatly. I love that I treat challenges like I'm in training and that I strive to go beyond just meeting,...


Finding Emotional Freedom After a Toxic Relationship

A toxic or codependent relationship can make you feel trapped, small, and deficient. It can feel like an anchor weighing you down, suffocating you.People who grew up in dysfunctional families, with parents who lacked boundaries, abused drugs or alcohol, or suffered from mental illness, develop a set...

Animal Mentors

Do You Know Where Your Reset Button Is?

Just one of many incredible views once you get inside Palo Duro Canyon - this one from our campsite.Every year when the first day of a whole new year dawns, I get so excited (well, technically if it's dawn I'm still reliably sound asleep, but as soon as I wake up I get...