Food Issues and Popular Culture

Food issues—allergies, sensitivities and whatnot—are not disabilities per se, but many people in this audience deal with them because they often go hand in hand with autoimmune disorders, rare diseases, mental health problems, chronic inflammation—our bodies are a complex web of functions and when one part is off, the effects often ripple. Is it any surprise...


Today I Love The Distant Mountains

Mountains so deep in the mist that you cannot see them to disturb them in their thoughtsToday I love the distant mountains in the mist, sometimes there, sometimes hiding, never with malice or aforethought, and for reasons only they might know, for my being able to see them or not see...


Narcissism, OCD, Mother Love and So Forth and So On

Do you have a "junk drawer"? Oh, come now. Be honest! We all have a junk drawer full of bits and bobs and bric-à-brac. Erma Bombeck wrote eloquently about hers. Mine is full of tiny spice bottles and lids that don't match and half-used bottles of food coloring (used primary for dying eggs and dogs, not necessarily in that order)....


Today I Love That Ring Around The Sun

Sun Dogs in a ringToday I love that ring around the sun that tells me that there is moisture in the air and a haziness that I always associate with Summer, her way of softening the view of her features so that the world looks good in photos....


Attention! Intention! Action!

When I look at these flowers, I realize they make growing look so easy. And yet I know it isn't - I am living proof of that!A few posts ago, I shared what I am learning from author, intuitive teacher and mentor Sonia Choquette about how focusing my attention inevitably creates intention, whether...


What Does It Mean to Be Emotionally Independent?

If the only adult relationships that are celebrated and respected are romantic ones, then none of us can truly be emotionally independent. That’s one of the arguments Professor Rachel Moran made in 2004 in an influential law review article, “How second-wave feminism forgot the single woman,” that is still resonating 15 years later. Single women were marginalized, Moran argued, by a focus on...


Today I Love Sleeping Until Ten

It's a foggy day on the ocean's edgeToday I love sleeping until ten and then getting up to find it is seven o'clock, local time. I love being that guy who shakes cab driver's hands and compliments people when they least expect it. I love morning walks in neighborhoods...



Linda: Clearing is a term that describes the process of coming to terms with our own anger without ever speaking to the other person. By developing methods to free ourselves from carrying the...


Coping With An “Emotional Hangover”: 5 Things To Know

Have you ever noticed your emotions the day after a very stressful day running errands, meeting people, supporting family or friends, working, and meeting deadlines?Have you awakened wondering if you could have done something better the day before?In this article, I will discuss the signs and impact of emotional exhaustion.


Stop Taking Your Child’s Behavior Personally

Do you react emotionally when your teenager rolls their eyes at you? Or when your three year old whines for every toy they see in the store? How about when your preteen cries in the fitting room at Walmart because you won't let them buy a teeny weeny bikini like "all the other moms?"Okay, maybe...

Body Image

One of the Best Ways to Care for Yourself

One of the best ways we can care for ourselves is to set boundaries---whether it's with our loved ones; with our colleagues, clients, and supervisors; or even with ourselves. We can think of boundaries as a kind of manual or collection of guidelines we create, which spell out how we'd like others to...