Today I Love Finding Hope

Coffee maker in survival mode (turned on) Today I love finding hope in the determination of others and their words of passion and planning. I love that social media is full of positivity, even though it is somewhat overwhelming at times. I love that some of it is almost silly...

Bipolar Disorder

A Letter To The Key Workers During Coronavirus

Dear key workers, This is an open letter to you all, to pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude. Whether you work for the NHS, in retail, or any other key worker profession, I want you to know that the work you are doing is not taken for granted.


Quarantined: “How Do I Cope With Feeling Stuck?”

Are you tired of being quarantined? Many of my clients including people who consult with me have complained that this quarantine is way too long. The quarantine can also feel really long if you are stuck with people you find difficult to manage or deal with. In this article I offer practical tips on managing challenging family...


Today I Love The Sweet Low Clouds

The sky is coming down to earth Today I love the sweet low clouds laden with water and dragging themselves over the escarpment to the north across the bay. I love how they obscure the top of the rock and the sky above it, changing the landscape completely and...


From Childhood to Adult Life – Understanding The Transgender Journey

The coming out of Caityn Jenner, a Woman of the Year 2015, brought recognition of transgender people into the public eye. With media reminders of the transitions of Christine Jorgenson, Judge Phyllis Frye, Chaz Bono, as well as award winning shows like Transparent and the powerful film The Danish Girl, there is an increasing sense that being transgender is being acknowledged as “ part of...


Today I Love Saturday Breakfast At Home

The garden waits Today I love Saturday breakfast at home when everything is tumbled together from random sources. I love farm fresh eggs fried on the side burner of the barbecue while oatmeal is heated up in the microwave and toast is made in the toaster oven on the makeshift...

Bipolar Basics Webinar

Just to let you know, I will be delivering a webinar called "Back to the Basics: Bipolar Disorder 101" hosted by the International Bipolar Foundation this coming Monday, March 30 at 4:00 PM EST. Register for the webinar


Marriage as a Therapeutic Alliance

The dream of a marriage made in heaven is totally unrealistic…Every man-woman relationship must be worked at, built, rebuilt, and continually refreshed by mutual growth. ~ Carl Rogers in Becoming Partners Linda: Contained within a...


Welcome To Kelly’s Island

I'm home! Do you remember Gilligan's Island? That was a fun show, eh? I was always amazed that they had a man there who could pretty much make an xray machine in a coconut but he couldn't patch a six inch hole in a wooden boat that looked to me...