Living with ADHD

Avoiding Tasks and ADHD

ADHD is a condition that’s as much about what you don’t do as what you do. Avoiding tasks that are unpleasant or simply uninteresting is a common sign of ADHD.


I Won Part II

It's not exactly buyers remorse cause I didn't buy anything but, I don't feel good about the decision I made to agree in the mediation to fire the temporary conservator, and choose...

Mental Health

From There To Here

"It don't make no difference, Escape one last time, It's easier to believe in this sweet madness, Oh, this glorious sadness, That brings me to my knees"  Sarah MclachlanHow does one gauge success...


Renegotiating Christmas for a Truly Joyful Holiday

For many, the holiday season comes with a full helping of emotional baggage.There may be sadness or disappointment from Christmases past, or simply a feeling of longing for the simpler, happier times of our childhood. Some have lost loved ones over the holidays, coloring the festivities with shades of grief and loss. But...

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Understanding Calcium and Calcium Supplements

Approximately 43% of Americans are deficient in calcium. For women, especially menopausal or older women, the percentage can increase to over 70%.Calcium is an essential mineral the body needs to maintain proper bone health, but it is also vital for other specific bodily functions such as digestion, muscle movement, blood circulation, proper nutrient absorption, hormone and...

Coping with Challenges

Why Helping Others Helps Us

  Mahatma Gandi once said that the best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service to others. Yet a fascinating study shows that just how we help – and what we think about the effectiveness of that help – significantly influences how we feel about it.


What Are You Giving Yourself This Holiday?

And it doesn't matter how you wrap it ...ADHD means that you will have to deal with stuff.And this time of year you'll have even more to deal with.All those things I talked about yesterday, for instance, and then all the fall out from all those things over the weeks following the...


Today I Love Feeling Weird

The street outside my Wednesday office ... waiting for people to meet each otherToday I love feeling weird and odd and not my usual self. I love that I'm in that zone where I know I'm coming down with something and I feel it coming on but I'm not sick yet and...


5 Gifts Every Unloved Daughter Should Give Herself

I got a message from a reader the other day who asked a poignant question: “I have been eyeing a ring because I want to celebrate how much I’ve healed. I think looking down at it will remind me of my progress. Is it weird or somehow selfish of me to gift myself? My husband...


Inter-Generational Trauma: 7 Attitudes That Keep You Stuck

Do you think you may have experienced inter-generational trauma in your family?Do you think it made a lasting impact on your behaviors, perceptions, and level of motivation in life?If so, you are certainly not alone.In this article (and webinar), I will be discussing what this looks like and the various ways it negatively impacts...

Mental Health

The Most Important Thing

"Hello, I saw you, I know you, I knew you, I think I can remember your name, name, Hello, I'm sorry, I lost myself, I think I thought you were someone else" Bill...


Warning: Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

We got this, but do we want it?This is a public service announcement. The holidays are coming.If you are like me, you will be looking at the calendar and saying to yourself, "Well, yeah, but there's still two weeks until Christmas."And you're right, as of today there are two weeks...


Today I Love Making Progress

The new age of dining ...Today I love making progress with the Household Reorganization Project here in the castle. I love how different the living room looks, still with all the instruments in it, but now much less like a music room yet still where the music is made. I...