Being More Successful With People

Erhard Seminar Training (EST), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and A Course in Miracles (ACIM), are three mind management systems that share a fundamental idea about how we should relate to people.The idea is simple: don't believe the stories you tell yourself about people's intentions.In NLP the concept is explained by emphasizing that we can never really know...


Today I Love The Pounding Surf

Surf's up!Today I love the pounding surf as it thunders up to the shoreline and hammers its emotions out on the land. I love that it seems to me to know that it cannot get very far very quickly with anger, but it also knows that nothing can stand in its...


Happy Birthay, Elaina J

Tomorrow, April twenty first, is my thirty eighth birthday. In a way, I never thought this day would come. At the end of my twenties I was in the dark pit of...


Little Things Matter

It's Easter this weekend, and all the candy is on sale, and I've been good about not binging on the chocolate eggs, and now it's a buy one and get one free...


Challenge Accepted!

Audio recording lightI told you yesterday that I got through a bunch of stuff. Did I mention that I got my back up system running again?Well, I did, and I go caught up writing blog posts for the blogs I write for.And then I started working on the...


Today I Love Being Challenged By Life

Thundering through the creek bed ...Today I love being challenged by life the way I have been this week. I love how good it feels to succeed even at the easy things when they are made more difficult. I love that I managed to record my radio show on this old...

Bipolar Treatment

The Two Week Rule

I have spent an awful lot of money while manic. Almost all of it on things I later regretted buying.When I was younger, before bipolar disorder roared into my life, I had a successful career in business and saved a ton. Then came the rapidly changing moods and periods when I thought I needed the craziest...

Overcoming Perfectionism

6 Myths and 6 Truths About Perfectionism

Perfectionism seems straightforward, but it’s often misunderstood.Many people think perfectionism helps them achieve their goals and get better results.American culture continues to encourage perfectionism despite all of the research that indicates perfectionism is associated with increased anxiety, depression, suicidal behavior, eating disorders, relationship and health problems.*The fallacy that perfectionism is helpful (or...

Animal Mentors

Things I Say to My Pets That I Need to Hear Myself

Perky, my first-ever pet bird (or pet anything), quickly became my best friend.Pets have always been so essential in my life.I started begging for a pet bird when I was seven years old. At age eight, a green and white parakeet named Perky arrived and we were instantly inseparable.Over the decades (nearly...


Diagnosed with a Dissociative Disorder: What’s Next?

Dissociative Disorders are characterized as mental disorders that involve experiencing a disconnection between reality and fantasy. Individuals that have this disorder often lack continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions and identity. People with dissociative disorders escape reality in ways that are both involuntary and unhealthy. Typically, when the disorder begins it is a way to...

Living with ADHD

Action Without Attention

If I tell you I was working on something and then I got distracted, you probably visualize me dropping whatever I was working on and going to do something else. But...


Chocolate: The Best Stress Easer at Easter

Question: What’s the tastiest Easter treat to ease stress?  Answer: the raw carrots left for the Easter Bunny. Wrong! The correct answer, per this chocolate devotee, is the delicious milk-chocolate bunny; the iconic Easter treat.