Love will keep us together?

There’s an old song called, “Love will keep us together.”  Ah, If only that were true.  It takes a lot more than just love and passion to keep people together, and this is especially true when ethical veganism suddenly becomes part of the relationship dynamic.

Craft Therapy

Craft as Self-Care: Crochet Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Crochet is a form of self-care for me. It helps me prevent, minimize, and/or manage the symptoms of depression.Poem: The Difference Every summer when I was growing up we would go to visit my grandmother, the only truly religious woman in our family. She had a poem by Grace L. Naessens hanging in her bathroom...


Today I Love Festivals

Reusable coffee cups rule!Today I love festivals, and I especially love my own Summerfolk Folk Festival. I love that, even though I love it so much, it is the last day of the festival and tomorrow we begin tearing it down again...


Today I Love Interviewing Musicians

Hanging out back stage ...Today I love interviewing musicians and talking to them about the connections that they have with the people like me who get to hear their work and their stories and their interpretations of the world as they see it. I love that I get to...


Itch, Itch, Itch

 The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains. - Paul SimonMy blood is alive with many voices telling me that I am made of longing. - Rainer Maria RilkeLast night my husband and I went out for Indian food at our local favorite place. I was super, very,...


To Procrastinate or not to Procrastinate: a Student Dilemma

It’s the beginning of the fall semester at school. During my first class in World History, the professor hands out the course syllabus on which appears that most daunting of assignments, a RESEARCH PAPER  . . . a 15-page typed RESEARCH PAPER. . . formatted in MLA style . . . with a minimum of five academic references (no blog posts or Wikipedia...


Sitting Still in School

Writing my last post about back-to-school ADHD resolutions got me thinking about some of the different ways my symptoms showed up in classroom environments.


Before and After: Unfair Comparisons

Hidden disabilities can really mess with your self-image. Assuming you haven’t had your condition all your life, do you think of yourself as “less” than you were before?I used to do the Seattle to Portland ride, with my first finish in 2005 and then the following year I got lost and ended up riding my record...


The ‘Jeffrey Epsteins’ Who Wear Crosses and Clerical Collars

Jeffrey Epstein, with his ever present little pædo smile, was a horrible person but his victims were spared one thing: he didn't abuse, groom and rape them with a Bible in his hand. He considered it though. James Stewart writes in the New York Times that Epstein was seriously considering becoming a minister to earn trust and maintain secrecy in 2018....


On With The Show

Some of the less necessary construction at the festival ...It's that time of the year again. It's the third weekend in August, and that's when my life gets a lot weird.The big deal is that I'm involved in a folk festival called Summerfolk in my little city of Owen Sound, Ontario,...