Living Our Hopes, Not Our Fears

Trending online and around town this week:  quotes about living for your hopes and dreams, not your fears.  Quotes have been attributed to Brené Brown, Nelson Mandela, and many others.This is an important idea for people in this audience. We have limitations other can’t see, and must constantly explain ourselves. How often do you begin sentences...


Privacy, Phones, Trust

We've all been there — texts coming in at odd hours, leaving the room to take secret calls.Maybe you have a feeling someone’s sliding into your partner’s direct messages (DMs), but you can’t be sure.


Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy …

Busy isn't always obvious ...When you have ADHD, you have busyness all the time.And I know busyness.And I know ADHD.And I know that it is both my blessing to be busy all the time, and my downfall.


Today I Love The Explosion Of Lilacs

There you are ....Today I love the explosion of lilacs all over everywhere at my latitude. I love all the colors of them, often bunched together for contrast. I love the sudden, aromatic tap on the shoulder they give me when I'm walking down a street and they...


Keep the Flame Burning Bright Part 1

You may have heard that long-term relationships eventually and inevitably become flat and boring. Many people believe this idea to be true, which is unfortunate because it’s not. At least not according to many long-term married couples (including ourselves) with whom we’ve spoken, The danger in believing something that isn’t necessarily true is that in doing so...

Coping Strategies

Write It Down!

A futuristic, sci-fi idea that sometimes gets tossed around is putting chips in our brains. Maybe with electronic implants, humans will one day be able to augment our brains, enhancing our ability to perform feats of memory and computation.


The Worst Part Of ADHD

Really?ADHD is an insidious collection of symptoms that, added up are then subtracted from the sum of the quality of our lives.Our ease of forgetfulness, our penchant for distraction, our inability to manage time, all these things continue to the detriment of our well being.And there is no cure, there...


Today I Love The Columbine

Columbine acquaintancesToday I love the Columbine climbing to the sky to share it's rich purple glory with the beautiful blue of a sunny day. I love the little ways that the front flower bed changes on the daily. I love watching closely only to be surprised when I notice something that clearly...


Are You Stalled Out or Simply Waiting Patiently?

Am I stuck or just transforming oh so slowly? I sure hope it is the latter!This is a question I have been pondering a lot lately.And when I say "a lot" I basically mean every morning, all day long and every night. Sometimes I also dream about it.In these dreams, I am usually...


What Is Folk Psychology?

In my last post, I asked what readers of my Psych Central blog would like me to discuss in my future posts. I received a couple of responses on my personal website...