Index Tabs

Multi tasking on my mindIf I could have three wishes and I couldn't wish for more wishes and I also couldn't wish for money, I think I'd wish for index tabs first.Not the kind that go on file folders, or tabs for my browser which I usually have too many of...

Coping with Challenges

On Leaving Things Unfinished

 Completion, certainty, and a guarantee all have one thing in common – they leave no room for questioning. And these are things that give us a sense of security – a sense that we can trust in the process that things will be as they should be, and that we will be okay.


Today I Love The Small Changes

Fire in the morning skyToday I love the small changes we made around the house this weekend, progress is progress and there's no going backward if you're already going forward. I love that we started things we weren't expecting to do and we did lots of stuff we planned on this weekend....

Yoga Mentoring

So How Was Goat Yoga For Me, You Ask?

Me and this year's birthday festivities tiny baby goat!A few years back, I started a new tradition.It suddenly occurred to me that every year like clockwork I have another birthday. It always happens in December, just a handful of days before Christmas.On this day, other people often get me presents. But until...

Anxious behavior

What a Narcissist Means by Saying “I Love You”

Even now, three years later, I can’t believe how clueless I was. It was like I was blindfolded because I misunderstood every single gesture, every word, every act. He had a script in his hands and I had another and I didn’t know it. – “Marcy,” 42 In retrospect, almost everyone says that the beginning was...


Persistence: Compassionate Accountability

My blog is all about how to engage conflict without casualties. I've written quite a bit about reframing our relationship with conflict and drama. In this post I suggested that compassion is the antidote to drama. Struggling with people instead of against them is a terrific way to harness the positive power of conflict. So how do you do...

Living with ADHD

If ADHD Were a Movie

This morning I was reading about a new TV series based on the experiences of a woman with "Pure O" OCD, or OCD without observable compulsions. In the TV series, the protagonist’s intrusive sexual thoughts are acted out in scenes that are graphic and sometimes absurd.

“You’re a Racist.”

This has never happened to me before, and since it is Martin Luther King Jr. national Holiday today in the states, I'd thought I'd share what happened to me.Last week a friend...


How to Deal With an Ambivalent Partner

What can you do when the object of your affection seems consistently less enamored of you and less committed to your relationship than you are?You may feel confused, frustrated and lonely. But you are not a victim.


Today I Love The Fence

Winter's paintingToday I love the fence that time has weathered to a silver grey and winter has painted in shades of white overnight last night. I love that in winter-time that was obviously a long time ago since the paint is flaking off already and the silver grey is showing...


MLK Day: 5 Qualities Our Society Truly Needs Today

When you think of Dr. Martin Luther King today, what comes to mind for you?Do you find yourself wishing for the same society of peace, unity, love, and acceptance that Dr. King had fought for?I know I do. The audacity of some to internalize prejudice, discrimination, and hatred...


Are You Coping and Managing or Healing and Growing?

The most common question I’ve heard, in person and in emails or comments, is this: “I have these serious problems. How do I fix them?” Or a variation of it, like this: “I read your article on [problem X]. It’s very accurate, but what do I do about it?”In today’s article, I will try to...


Today I Love The Secrets Of Toast

The magician winter and one of her better tricksToday I love the secrets of toast, like the fact that the butter and jam needs to be spread out evenly around the outside because the crust needs that more than the middle part does, and the fact that once...