I am ADHD I am a 61 year old man with a heart condition, and arthritis. I am a former printing plant worker. I've worked on farms. I've worked construction. I've worked as a computer programmer. I've worked as a computer technician. I've been paid as a writer, I've been...

Health & Medicine

Corona Pandemic demonstrates what Physicians Do Every Day

  “I early conceived a liking for, and sought every opportunity to be in, a position to relieve the suffering of others.” —Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler (1831-1895); the first Black female physician in the United States  In a time of crisis, epidemic or pandemic, “who ya gonna call?”: An athlete? A booty-shaking singer? Television or...


Today I Love Feeling Stronger

Back on the job Today I love feeling stronger even though the heat is holding on to my chest and squeezing it somewhat. I love how well the renovation is going despite the holdups that we've experienced. I love that in a time when things are up in the air and...


Getting On the Same Page About How to Discipline Your Kids

Learning how to become an effective parent is one of the most difficult jobs we have. It's difficult just by itself, but it becomes even more so when the parents of a child disagree on disciplinary methods. Throw in the complications of blended families, stepparents, divorce, foster families, or children from different and you've got...


Should She Choose Oscar or Silas?

Give me a book that prioritizes something other than some tired old romance or marriage plot. Don’t you dare recommend a novel that ends with a wedding. Show me a protagonist who has her own passions, her own life, who is not defined by her quest for The One.


Post-Traumatic Growth In The Age of Covid-19 and Beyond

What constitutes trauma or adversity? Basically anything that causes physical or psychological pain or injury. This includes personal illness or injury, witnessing the same in someone else, natural disasters, enduring abuse, the death of someone close to us, job loss, addiction, financial problems, relationship difficulties, and incarceration. The range and magnitude of trauma is vast. And,...


Today I Love Finding Treasures

a bow of fog Today I love finding treasures, like the fog-bow in the back yard, or the bag of bread flour in the cupboard at the cottage. I love that we are still at the cottage because the counter tops have been delayed again so we just took...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Should I Wear a Mask?

How do you feel about masks? (Metaphorical or literal you may wonder.) Talking literally in a pandemic. Masks are only effective if you know how to properly use and dispose of them in combination with frequent hand cleaning. Frequent hand washing is essential protection during this Covid-19 pandemic. How often do you wash your hands? It is...


Today I Love The Threatening Rain

No storm yet ... Today I love the threatening rain looming off to the north west and casting the occasional splatter of tiny drops our way as a warning of her coming torrents. I love how I am looking forward to the thunder and the lightening that has been foretold....

Is Hope the Elephant in the Room?

“Whatever causes night in our souls may leave stars.”   ~Victor Hugo Hope is unique. It is the exception among positive emotions because it requires negativity or uncertainty to be activated. Due to COVID-19,...