Today I Love Tuesday’s Return To Normalcy

Unpacking the last adventure ...Today I love Tuesday's return to normalcy and the abnormal way that feels. I love when holidays and unusual situations shake things up and then I get to watch all the pieces fall back into place and see how many of them don't quite fit...


Raising Vegan Children

*This post is by contributor Heidi Leabman, LSCW-R, SEI am a psychotherapist, an ethical vegan for over 20 years, and a mom of a 13 year old girl.  I have often reflected...


Today I Love Broken Hearts

Enough to make me think ...Today I love broken hearts, for their pain measures the depth of our love. I love realizing that I have people in my life that I would miss greatly, and I love telling them so. I love friendship, nothing else in this world...

Living with ADHD

Hiding ADHD Symptoms

In my last post, I talked about situations where hyperactive symptoms might not be noticed because they aren’t necessarily in-your-face, bouncing-off-the-walls, stereotypical hyperactivity.That got me thinking about another reason ADHD symptoms in...

Creative Thinking

3 Summer-Inspired Creativity Exercises

A few weeks ago, I ran into 6 Ways Daily Exercise Skyrockets Your Productivity and among some of the usual suspects (exercise will improve your mood, help self-discipline, increase your energy), I saw an especially interesting exercise benefit: exercise can boost your creativity.


Today I Love This Last West Coast Morning

The gate at the oldest Chinatown in CanadaToday I love this last west coast morning of this trip of fun and adventure. I love that we have explored some of Vancouver Island and some of Victoria, met with friends, and still we got some work done. I love that I intend...


Anger Is An (Entirely Normal & Useful) Energy

A question for the ladies: How many of you are uncomfortable with your anger? If someone takes advantage of you, hurts you, shames you, dismisses you, do you sometimes suffer in silence rather than speak up? Do you agonize about how you might confront the individual that made you feel small in the first place?...


What Stops You From Setting Solid Boundaries

Setting good boundaries can be simple. But our relationship with boundaries can make the process a bit more complex. After all, we have a history of relationships and interactions and experiences that have shaped our thinking about boundaries, that have shaped how others perceive us, and how we perceive...


Using Euphemistic Language Obfuscates Abuse and Betrays Victims

Language as a Tool for Understanding and Denial We conceptualize reality by using language. This means that we describe the world around us by using words. The more accurately we describe it, the more aligned our perception of the world is with actual reality. That’s why using language properly is important to a person’s mental health, and the...

Sadness & The DMV Sticker

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between clinical depression and sadness. I've had a rough time recently, and it's not like previous depressions where I can't get out of bed, or...


When You Feel the Pain of the World

On the path of growth and spiritual development, we often become increasingly attuned to others and our world. Our ability to feel compassion deepens. Concerns about war in the middle east, human trafficking, global warming, and poaching of elephants for their ivory tusks, among many other issues, may weigh heavily on our...


One More Dichotomy

Pick one or the other ...Every time I think of another oddity in my ADHD life, and realize that it is the opposite of what should be happening, I get a little chill.Some years ago I called ADHD the disorder of dichotomies or something like that,...


Simple Ways to Set Nourishing Boundaries

If you don't have much experience with setting good, solid boundaries, it can seem like an overly complicated process. If you'd describe yourself as a people-pleaser, setting good, solid boundaries might feel impossible. It's just so uncomfortable and awkward, and again, you're not exactly sure how it works.


Today I Love My Community

Canadian coffee can sunshine breakToday I love my community, the one that is indignant about the vandalism done at our mosque in my little city. I love that many are speaking out and more are upset. I love that every time some sad and broken xenophobic...