ADHD or Normal Procrastination?

Last week, I wrote about the often frantic process of meeting a deadline when you have ADHD. It’s fair enough if you read that post and wondered, "but doesn’t everyone procrastinate sometimes?"


Different as Night and Day: Embracing Black Individuality

The social and political conditions that fostered our differences have long existed in the United States. American history is replete with periods (, slavery, Jim Crow, separate but equal) that contributed to thwart the progress of its black citizens. This fact is undeniable and not remotely debatable. What is debatable,...


Today I Love Pondering Potential Changes

Samosa filling that sneaks up on you ...Today I love pondering potential changes and considering contingency plans for various outcomes. I love that we are comfortable and happy and yet we are willing to look to changes in the future that might mean seeking new comforts and new happinesses....

Slow Living

Slow Crafting Tips: Petalplum Interview Part II

Last week Ellie of PetalPlum shared her thoughts on slow stitching with us. She provided insight into her slow living approach to life. She shared the value of finding joy and delight in the little things. Moreover, she shared how intentional crafting can be one way to bring more mindfulness to everyday life.


Upset? Resentful? The Case for Turning Grievance into Grief

The internal state of grievance is highly unpleasant for most of us.  It may be a legitimate resentment for some wrong done to you such as a major betrayal like that experienced by the partners of sex addicts.  Or it may be an ongoing situation that is unfair and feels impossible to live with.  Either...

ADHD Symptoms

The 13 Biggest Disappointments of Adulthood

A recent post on Reddit got the community buzzing about what they felt were the biggest disappointments of adulthood.Most of the responses were quite heartfelt - many were a bit sad or wistful, some a little angry, and a few to make you fall...

Mental Health

The Sanity Of An Egg

"If you still want me, Oh, tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree."  Irwin Levine / L. Russell BrownThere is a great power in the symbolic action.  From Christ dying on the cross or to red paint thrown on women in fur coats, the message is loud, clear and obvious. 


How to Reconnect to Yourself

Reconnecting to ourselves doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to include grand gestures or pricey spa days or week-long retreats. It can be small. And it can be totally doable, even if you have a demanding schedule, even if you don't have much time to yourself. Here are some small steps...


Today I Love Home Fries

The glow of Bruce County dawnsToday I love home fries especially when they are home made. I love that I made home fries this morning and that it was a premeditated thing that required cooking potatoes last night specifically for that purpose. I love that there...

Anxieties of Childbirth

In our book A Womb of Her Own, (Routledge, 2017) author Helena Vissing writes as follows:Balsam is in line with Holmes (2008) on the potential for psychic restructuring in childbirth: “It...

Project Semicolon

Rarely do I write a provocative blog post, but today I will. This will make some of you mad, but it is my personal opinion. Many of you will write comments of...