ADHD Fractured Memory

There's no upgrade that I know of ... "Is often forgetful in daily activities (, doing chores, running errands; for older adolescents and adults, returning calls, paying bills, keeping appointments)." ~ the last symptom listed in the inattentive symptoms for ADHD in the DSM5 How is your memory these days? Are you...


Today I Love Writing

Dreams of peach jam Today I love writing and it's a good thing because today is a big writing day. I love that I have other things to do as well because that gives me reasons to get up and move around in between all the writing. I love that...

coping skills

Is Isaias Just Like Grief?

The winds whip up, the rains beat against the house. Sometimes it sounds like a freight train. Our house on stilts is vulnerable, bending in the wind, shuddering with every blast. Just...


Controlled by Guilt

Barb had been trying for years to improve her relationship with her mother, Sandra. Barb tried everything. She would go over there for a quiet dinner with Sandra and then find herself being criticized for neglecting her husband and son. Barb tried staying away. She caught hell for that too. Her mom would lash out: “You...

Medication Adjustment (Again)

Now, there are those of us who swear by our psychiatric medications and those that don't believe in taking anything. It's your life, your body, your choice. I wouldn't be where I...

Bipolar Disorder

Differences Between Mania and Hypomania

People with bipolar disorder experience elevated, exuberant moods that can significantly impact their lives. These moods can vary in intensity and in the amount of disfunction they cause, and can lead to very different outcomes and treatment. These moods are diagnosed as either mania or hypomania.


9 Steps to Find a Good Trauma Therapist

The other day I got an email from someone I respect very much asking me for some referrals.  One of his questions was, “What makes a good trauma therapist?” Good, good, good question.  An important one. If you’ve ever had to look for a good therapist I bet this is something you’ve had to explore. Here’s the list...


What’s a Spiritual Experience?

Spiritual experiences happen. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center on Religion and Spirituality, 49% of Americans say they’ve had one. While many cultures consider these experiences valid and valuable, ours does not. If we describe them to our physicians, we are likely to be met with a blank looks, if not...


Today I Love The Teeming Rain

Watching a good movie ... Today I love the teeming rain as it causes different susurrations that go along with the wind in the trees and the waves on the shore and the happily bubbling little creek beside the cottage, all of them coming together in an orchestral proclamation...