Mental Disorders

Stories of Stigma, Social Support, and Self-Injury

Stigma surrounds many issues of mental health and mental illness, contributing to an underutilization of needed interventions.  Among the topics that tend to draw significant emotional reactions and stigmatizing responses is the issue of self-harm.  In two recent novels, self-injury and suicide are addressed...

Barriers to Care

Helpers Who Hurt

Novels that feature therapists and the therapeutic process have the power to influence public opinion in subtle ways.

I have previously noted that arguing that all fictional therapists should be neat and ideal is unrealistic and, frankly, unappealing. However, when books, even fictional ones, depict...

Mental Disorders

Bulimia in Fiction

In last week’s blog post, we again discussed the potential impact of mainstream fiction on stigma, depending on the nature of portrayals of characters with mental illness.  When books depict characters with mental illness as whole people, with characteristics and desires unrelated to the...

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