Human Wave Theory

Anyone who watches the ocean will be able to see the patterns of the waves. Waves are constantly forming and reforming throughout the ocean. However, as they encounter land, they begin to change. They gather together in a cohesive entity as they come into the shore, making one last powerful run, then at a certain point the waves crest and spray into pieces. As the poet William Butler Yates said, “Things...

Conflict Resolution

A Third Party Hopes to Restore Sanity

There’s a new party on the block. Recently the Alliance Party, a third party that aspires to become a national entity in the next election, publically announced its formation.

People have been crying out for a new party for many years, as the two-party system has been failing. The current government shut down is just one of many signs of its failure. For many years the two parties have grown wider apart, to the point that they are now more like enemies fighting a constant war than respected advisories. This war has been stressing many of us out for years.


Intropaths and Extropaths: Categorizing Personalities

Mental disorders have been categorized in various ways since the beginning of psychiatry, clinical psychology and psychoanalysis. For example, psychiatrists distinguish between neurotic and psychotic disorders. This categorization filters disorders on the basis of their severity.

Recently I have explored another way of categorizing mental disturbances, which divides people into two broad personality types: intropaths and extropaths. By intropaths, I mean disorders in which an individual’s emotional disturbance is primarily internalized—that...


New Insights into Crowd Behavior

Do humans behave differently when they are part of a crowd than they do when they are at home by themselves? There have been theories about this over the years, but now a new study, not by a psychologist or sociologist, but by a physicist, has shed new light on this phenomenon.

According to a study published in the journal Science, hydrodynamic theory can be used to explain the collective, fluid-like behavior of human crowds,...


Can We Unify America Again?

A healthy person needs to be centered. In psychoanalytic terms, people need to have a strong ego. They can’t let their id (their impulsive side) or their superego (their compulsive side) run things or fight with each other about running things. The id wants to drive the car at full speed. The superego wants to drive...


Why You Don’t Believe He’s Lying

Sometimes people are in a relationship with somebody they suspect of lying. The big lie, of course, is that they’re cheating. Recent research shows that cheating is on the rise among both men and women. In fact, men and...


Give Somebody a Holiday Hug

What is the healthiest gift you can give somebody for the holidays? The healthiest gift is a hug. A hug is better than 270 Apple computers. A hug is better than twenty Lexis RX350s. It's better than 97 world cruses on the Norwegian Line.

We need hugs as soon as we are born. We come out of the warm womb into the cold clinic jagged with harsh noises, lights and smells....


The Trouble with Empowerment

They say we should be empowered. We hear it all the time, especially about women. What does it mean for women to be empowered?

A women’s site defines empowerment thusly: “To become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling your life and claiming your rights.” It also means “being aware of your capabilities, and ready to take on even your biggest dreams.”

Conflict Resolution

Colin Kaepernick’s Dilemma

Colin Kaepernick is furious at white cops. He apparently believes that there is an epidemic in America of white prejudice against blacks, epitomized by white cops shooting black men. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” he says.

Kaepernick has accused white people and convicted them without a trial. He and other black...


My Xanax Addiction

For some time I heard about the opioid epidemic, but I never thought I was a part of it. I thought opioids meant hard drugs like opium or cocaine. I didn’t associate the tranquilizer I was taking with the opioid epidemic.

For 20 years I was addicted to Xanax without knowing it. Like most addictions, it had began gradually and, because it was a prescription drug, I was taking it with...