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10 Signs of Emotional Illness

Photos by Betsssssy, Key Foster, Most of the time people don’t know that they are emotionally unhealthy. As Freud first discovered, there are a multitude of ways that people keep things unconscious. Some form of behavior that they have done for years, or that everybody in their group is doing, seems normal. It is human to see the flaws in others, but not those in yourself. But what you don’t know can hurt you.

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10 Signs of Emotional Illness

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  1. Plain and simple. I feel it’s important to evaluate how much of each of these things take up your time and how debilitating.I believe all of us experience these
    felling state/attitudes once or twice in life.

  2. Ohh boy! Firstly thank you Dr Gerald for a very succinct article. I’ve got to admit, except for the last two, I have all the others in varying degrees. Some of which I didn’t even know were emotional illnesses, I always thought they were a part of my personality. I have ADD and these other emotional illnesses have, I believe, emerged due to a frustration and resentment at my inability to succeed academically and professionally. At the very least I now know what problems I need to solve.

  3. 8 out of ten seems disastrous, but so far I have negotiated life in such manner for over six decades.
    My biggest difficulty is keeping abreast of all I have embraced, but no problems with decisions.
    I would never call myself a well adjusted member of society, but I have a high ethical code, which does not allow for religious killing or kama kazi actions.
    I detest the Thomas Abeckitt syndrome, where we remain silent at others expense.
    I find the long goodbye of death hard to stomach.
    I find stupidity hard to take, and people do not learn or act well.
    The only two of your tenets I had no difficulty with were 9 and 10. Guess I’m a loony.

  4. 5/10 well, that sorta makes sense

  5. Thank you for this interesting article. I’d just like to make a comment with regards to #5: rather than “Unempathic people say, “How could someone behave that way?”, I would suggest unempathetic people say “How could you do this to me?”

  6. There’s genius in this simple but accurate reflection on mental wellness. It takes long years of work to learn to take this insight and make the changes. If you think you have some of these problems I hope you will not lose hope but be determined to find ways to grow and feel better.
    With any such “criticism” there is a period of hurtful reaction which could be followed by a renewed appreciation. Don’t just take it, but defend yourself too. Even if you see some faults, keep positive and don’t destroy yourself with too much self-criticism. It is meant to be helpful.
    And by the way, psychoanalysis is not the major answer!


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