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Persecuting Trump: Its Psychological Results

Donald Trump photo From the time he announced his candidacy, Donald Trump has been the target of persecution, usually coming from the left but sometimes coming from the right. He has been demonized, mocked, degraded, jeered and generally viewed as a glass half-empty rather than a glass half-full. He has labeled as everything from a sexist to a Hitler to a tyrant to a psychotic madman. The liberal news media slant almost all their stories on negative aspects of his personality or his policies.

The recent release of the Mueller Report has highlighted the extent of this persecution. For two years the so-called liberals assumed Trump was guilty (without any evidence). This assumption of his guilt further fueled their persecution of him.

I am not a Donald Trump supporter. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t think he is a great President. But I have empathy for him. These modern liberals do not view Trump with empathy as a flawed human being who is doing the best he can, but rather as a totally incompetent and evil human being. The view is completely one-sided and malevolent.

Not only have so-called liberals persecuted Trump, but also his family and almost anybody who is connected with him. His wife, daughter, son-in-law and sons are constantly put down. A conservative analyst for the Washington Times, Wesley Pruden, noted, “The Democrats are supping on leaks from intelligence officials who have eagerly joined the Insurrection, united in their determination to destroy the new president.” Liberal nastiness seemed to reach a peak during President Trump’s most recent State of the Union speech, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made facial expression behind Trump as he spoke. This reminded me of middle school students making faces behind the Principal. There is a striking lack of professionalism in today’s liberals.

I refer to “so-called liberals” because today’s liberals have become radicalized. Classical liberals, those who founded our country, came here seeking freedom on religion. This was the cornerstone of liberalism. Today’s liberals no longer believe in freedom of religion. They believe in diversity and inclusion, but the diversity and inclusion only seems to pertain to those who agree with their “politically correct view of things. If you disagree, you are not included, no matter what is your race, gender or sexual orientation. Trump is perhaps the most politically incorrect President ever.

Today’s liberals are not interested in being reasonable ; they are interested in power. They have now taken over all aspects of our culture; they are in charge of most of our government, of our judiciary, our educational system from nursery school to college, of the entertainment industry, including Hollywood and of almost everything in between. But they don’t seem to be happy with that. They apparently won’t be satisfied until they oust Trump from office and take over everything.

Liberals began attacking President Trump as soon as he won the election for President, casting doubt on his legitimacy. They tried to intimidate members of the Electoral College and when that didn’t work they began a resistance movement as if he were a Nazi taking over the country and talked of impeachment. Usually Presidents are given a honeymoon period, but President Trump was never given anything resembling that. The noise has continued up to the present.

These modern liberals are misusing the term liberal. They have become a leaderless mob. They are no longer thoughtful and reasonable the way our founding fathers were. Their attitude now is “my way or the highway.” If someone disagrees with them, that person is immediately branded as traitors to the cause. This can even happen to those who were formerly viewed as liberals.

Betty Friedan, one of the founders of the National Organization for women, wrote a book called, The Second Stage in which she cautioned women to assert themselves without trampling on the feet of others (such as men). Her attempt got nowhere. She was viewed as a traitor to feminism and later forced out of NOW by the lesbians who had taken it over.

Bernie Sanders was another casualty of the liberal mob. An article by Shane Ryan, a liberal pundit, written during the 2016 election campaign, questioned Sander’s fitness for being President, calling him “the worst Presidential candidate in history.” The article went on to assert that “every single supporter of Bernie Sanders is a sexist and racist,” and noted that Sanders himself was a sexist and racist. “Hillary and her supporters correctly surmised that he’s a sexist who thinks women shouldn’t be allowed to speak at high volumes. Also per Hillary: He doesn’t unilaterally support Barack Obama on every single policy like she’s decided to do in the last month, so he’s a racist.”

The reasoning in this quote defies logic, but that is all right. Ryan is preaching to the congregation, so nothing he says has to be reasonable or logical. If he says that Bernie supporters are racist because they don’t support “every single policy” of Barack Obama, that is perfectly reasonable to the radical mob.
The radical liberal movement is reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution in China, during which doctors and lawyers and other wealthy people were denounced and sent to prison and during which historical statues and pagodas which represented “decadence” were torn down. Nowadays radical liberals are tearing down confederate statues and memorabilia. When Trump opposed this, he was jeered. The Cultural Revolution has disastrous consequences for China, causing the families to fall apart, friends to betray friends and students to betray professors.

The liberal mob has similarly caused constant strife in our society which has affected our quality of life, the cohesion of family life and has had a ripple down effect. In all walks of life average citizen s are at odds with one another. I have lived in a state of tension for many decades, and I think that holds true of the vast majority of Americans. The very fabric of our culture has been torn apart by liberal disruption and especially its persecution of President Trump. Yes, Trump acts out as well. But, as the saying goes, “Two wrong don’t make a right.”

After years of radical liberal propaganda, extremists on the right are starting to protest. There are now, by some estimates, over a hundred and fifty militia groups. The “alt right” is growing more restless. The militant left has branded this movement as “white nationalists,” but the movement is comprised of a wide range of people outraged by militant liberal movements that have been demanding that everybody follow their lead. Some are predicting that this clash of extremes from the left and right may lead to increasing violence. An article in the liberal magazine, The New Yorker, published an article on the heels of the Charlottesville riot entitled, “Are we headed for a new kind of civil war?”

There is also a growing centrist movement. The intellectual dark web, a group of intellectuals, is freely discussing on podcasts, blogs and in books, the problems caused by the liberal mob, and a new centrist political party, the Alliance Party is now entrenched in each state of the United States.
Where will it end? To paraphrase Newton: every action has an equal and proportionate counter-reaction.

Persecuting Trump: Its Psychological Results

Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D.

Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. is a licensed psychoanalyst in New York and has been practicing for over 37 years. He works with adults, couples, families, adolescents, and children. He has graduated from three psychotherapy institutes and received a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the Washington Square Institute in 1981. He has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor of psychology at the Borough of Manhattan Community College since 2002 and has authored thirteen books on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis as well as four novels and a book of poems and drawings. More recently he wrote 20 screenplays (winning four first-place awards at festivals) and produced and directed two feature films.

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