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Dialog Between a Feminist and Masculinist

talking couple photo F: “I’m a victim.”
M: “I’m a victim.”
F: “For thousands of years men have oppressed women.”
M: “For thousands of years women have accused men of oppressing them.”
F: “Men are sexual abusers.”
M: “Women are sexual manipulators.”
F: “All the problems of women are caused by men.
M: “All the problems of men are caused by women.”
F: “Men just don’t get it.”
M: “Women don’t allow men to get it.”
F: “Men commit unconscious aggression against women.”
M: “Women commit unconscious aggression against men.”
F: “Men have dominated women from the birth of time.”
M: “Women have wanted dominant men.”
F: “Men are born misogynists.”
M: “Women are born misandrists.”
F: “Men have arrogant cocks.”
M: “Women have entitled pussies.”
F: “I’m not going to allow a man to rape me with his arrogant cock and enslave me with domesticity.”
M: “I’m not going to allow a woman to psychologically castrate me and guilt-trip me into submission.”
F: “All men should be eliminated. Men are the cause of all the evil of the world.”
M: “All women should be imprisoned. Women cause all the evil in the world.”
F: “Men are disgusting.”
M: “Women are conniving.”
F: “Men are selfish and egotistical and only care about themselves.”
M: “Women are vein and egotistical and only care about themselves.”
F: “If women ruled the world, there wouldn’t be any wars.”
M: “Women have ruled many nations and have led them to war.”
F: “Men molest little girls.”
M: “Women psychologically castrate little boys.”
F: “Forget it. You’ll never understand.”
M: “What’s the use. You only want to see things your way.”
F: “Men don’t listen.”
M: “Women don’t listen.”
F: “I’d like to meet a man who would listen to me for one minute.”
M: “I’d like to meet a woman who would listen to me for one minute.”
F: “OK, I’ll listen for one minute if you’ll listen for one minute.”
M: “OK, I’m willing to take turns listening.”
F: “It’s a deal. I’ll go first.”
M: “No, I’ll go first.”
F: “Men always have to go first.”
M: “Women always have to go first.”
F: “Fine, we’ll flip a coin to see who goes first.”
M: “Yes, let’s flip a coin.”
F: “It’s heads. I go first.”
M: “Go.”
F: “So now I can say anything I want to you?”
M: “Yes, and then I can say anything I want to you.”
F: “I hate you.”
M: “I hate you.”
F: “I wish you would just die.”
M: “And I wish you would just fall into the nearest bottomless pit.”
F: “What you’re saying is awful. But it’s the truth.”
M: “What you’re saying is terrible. But you’re being honest.”
F: “Hey, I am listening to you.”
M: “And I’m listening to you.”
F: “This feels strange.”
M: “This feels weird.”
F: “Are we having a dialog?”
M: “We’re having a dialog.”
F: “I guess instead of putting each other down, we ought to work out an agreement.”
M: “Instead of trashing each other we ought to negotiate a treaty.”
F: “I feel vulnerable.”
M: “I feel suspicious.”
F: “I don’t want to trust you.”
M: “I don’t want to love you.”
F: “Maybe you’re not as bad as I thought.”
M: “Maybe you’re somewhat OK.”
F: “Maybe we should take off our clothes.”
M: “Maybe we should open our hearts.”

Dialog Between a Feminist and Masculinist

Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D.

Gerald Schoenewolf, Ph.D. is a licensed psychoanalyst in New York and has been practicing for over 37 years. He works with adults, couples, families, adolescents, and children. He has graduated from three psychotherapy institutes and received a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the Washington Square Institute in 1981. He has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor of psychology at the Borough of Manhattan Community College since 2002 and has authored thirteen books on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis as well as four novels and a book of poems and drawings. More recently he wrote 20 screenplays (winning four first-place awards at festivals) and produced and directed two feature films.

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