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The Perils of the Pretty Child

Often when we think of beautiful children we think of the advantages they must have over less attractive children. They get the attention of their families and extended families, as well as of teachers and others in their lives. They are often the first to be picked for a team or a play or a project. And from an early age they attract the attention of boys and girls.

But there is dark...
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Conflict Resolution

Is There a Human Herd Instinct?

Cattle run together. Birds flock together. Bees swarm together. This happens through instinct. But what about humans? Do we have a "human herd instinct"?

Various writings by social scientists have theorized about such an instinct. Freud posited a human “death instinct,” which he tied not only to an instinct to die but also an instinct to engage in destructive and aggressive behavior such as war, thereby inferring herd behavior. The...
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Conflict Resolution

The Perils of Independent Thinking

After finding out that the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton fixed the 2016 primary election, Bernie Sanders is said to have considered running for President as an independent in 2020. Since both the Democrats and Republicans have become extreme and divisive, this makes sense. He may believe we need a third party that will be a centrist force and think independently in order to unify the country.

Bernie has...
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Conflict Resolution

The Culture of Rebellion

A culture of rebellion is a culture in which almost any act of rebellion is encouraged and sometimes even lionized, while conduct that follows the traditional values that are being rebelled against are demeaned. A culture of rebellion has no real substance, since its values are not based on ancient wisdom or on scientific research, but on a strong urge to rebel which stems from unresolved angers.

Throughout history various cultures have gone through a...
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Robodolls: Every Man’s Fantasy?

There is a race to produce the most lifelike sex dolls. These dolls are being produced by companies all over the world. Some early models are already available. They are made with synthetic skin, anatomically correct bodies, faces that make realistic expressions and brains that think for themselves and are able do everything from carry on a conversation to have responsive sexual intercourse.

Some people think sex bots are a good thing...
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Mental Illness

Paranoia and Death Threats in Vegas

In the aftermath of the mass killings in Las Vegas, many people have been harassing and hurling death threats at victims of the killing spree. It seems that conspiracy theorists have come up with a theory that the whole event was staged by the government in order to provide another reason for gun control. By staging this event in which 58 people were killed and more than 500 wounded, the deep liberal state...
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7 Kinds of Fake Love

There is perhaps no word in any language that is used as much as the word, love. It is viewed by most cultures as the thing that gives life meaning, as in “Love is the answer.” Good parents, we say, love their children. Good husbands love their wives. Good wives love their husbands. Good people love their country.

And yet defining what love is often escapes people. If...
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Conflict Resolution

The Loneliness of the Long-Hours Worker

Today, employers are demanding more hours from their white collar employees, with the aim of increasing production. However, studies have shown that, in fact, productivity does not really increase with long hours. In addition, experts show that the average overworked employee is lonelier and apt to suffer from various emotional and physical problems.

Some say the USA is the most overworked country in the world. Data provided by the the Center for American...
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Stephen Paddock’s Unconscious Motive

Ever since Stephen Paddock, a reclusive 64-year-old millionaire, massacred 58 people and wounded another 500 at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, law enforcement officials have tried unsuccessfully to find a motive. It is now ten days later and they still haven’t found one.

The day after the massacre ISIS, the Islamic state, claimed responsibility for the deadly mass shooting. A few days after that ISIS reported in its weekly...
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