Defense Mechanisms

Agoraphobia: Living in a Bathroom

Some people take forever in the bathroom. One person took two years.

Pam Babcock, a 35-year-old-woman, was found last week glued to her toilet seat. She had stayed in her bathroom for two years, according to her boyfriend, Kory McFarren, who shared his mobile home in Wichita, Kansas with her for 13 years.

According to an AP news report, when authorities found her she had become stuck to the toilet seat and had to be...
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Study: The Need to be Right

The term, “confirmation bias” has long been used by scientists and social scientists to explain a particular flaw in scientific experiments which causes experimenters to emphasize evidence that supports their theory. Underlying it is a human need to be right.

Now a new study elaborates on the confirmation bias, but comes up with a different term to describe it—“desirability bias.” The study focused on the recent Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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The Cycle of Hating (A Poem)

I thought about how much I hated her
For leaving me.
Then I thought about how much I hated myself
For losing her.
Then I thought about how much I hated myself
For hating her.
Then I thought about how much I hated myself
For hating myself.
Then I thought about how much I hated her
For making me hate myself.
Then I thought about how much I hated myself
For allowing her to make me hate myself.
Then I thought about how much I hated myself
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Obdulia Sanchez: Psychology of a Tragedy

Obdulia Sanchez, 18, was recently charged with manslaughter in the death of her 14-year-old sister, Jacquelin Sanchez.

Authorities say Obdulia Sanchez was driving a car while intoxicated on Friday, July 21, when it veered onto the shoulder of a road about 75 miles northwest of Fresno, California and rolled into a field. The older sister livestreamed the accident and at one point, during a hysterical rant,...
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Obesity in America

Most of us have heard that we have a problem with obesity in America. We have heard that our kids are becoming increasingly obese and we have heard that our adults are not far behind.

But recently a fact has emerged that is even more alarming.

America is now number one among industrialized nations in terms of the proportion of our adult citizens who are obese or overweight. What does this say about us?

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The Demon Parent

There is a certain kind of parent which I term a “demon parent.” This parent can be either the father or mother. This parent is deranged and should be locked up. But, unfortunately, the parent’s craziness is focused mainly one of the children and is hence hidden from the law. Such a parent is full of unconscious rage and, at the same time, is entirely unconscious of that rage; hence she...
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Demi Moore’s Tooth Demon

Yes, it’s true. Stress can make you lose your teeth.

Demi Moore confessed as much on the Jimmy Fallon Show. She showed him pictures of her missing two front teeth and said she had “sheered” them away. They both laughed at the picture, but it was no laughing matter.

The actress, who was once one of Hollywood’s most sought-after glamor gals, has since replaced the missing teeth with implants. However, before doing so, her toothless appearance raised...
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10 Characteristics of Healthy Parents

All healthy parents are alike in certain ways and different in others. The ways they are alike represent the essential characteristics that make up good parenting. If parents have most of these qualities they will be good enough parents—good enough to raise healthy children.

Parents may either have them or not. They can’t buy them in a store or get them by reading about them in an instructional book or blog. They come from the healthy...
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The Rise of Female Child Molesters

A mother of a four-year-old-boy gives him a bath. At one point she grabs his penis and washes it with a kind of fierceness. “We have to wash carefully under your foreskin,” she reminds him. She spends about five minutes washing his penis. The boy giggles and enjoys the experience. His penis becomes erect. He feels peculiar when his mother touches his private part,...
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