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Conflict Resolution

The Loneliness of the Long-Hours Worker

Today, employers are demanding more hours from their white collar employees, with the aim of increasing production. However, studies have shown that, in fact, productivity does not really increase with long hours. In addition, experts show that the average overworked employee is lonelier and apt to suffer from various emotional and physical problems.

Some say the USA is the most overworked country in the world. Data provided by the the Center for American...
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Stephen Paddock’s Unconscious Motive

Ever since Stephen Paddock, a reclusive 64-year-old millionaire, massacred 58 people and wounded another 500 at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, law enforcement officials have tried unsuccessfully to find a motive. It is now ten days later and they still haven’t found one.

The day after the massacre ISIS, the Islamic state, claimed responsibility for the deadly mass shooting. A few days after that ISIS reported in its weekly...
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Vegas Shooting Highlights Political Divide

When Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old millionaire, shot down 60 people in Las Vegas and injured about 500 others in America’s worst mass killing, it seemed to elevate the political divide that has plagued America for many years, especially since Trump was elected. Posters on both sides of the divide spoke out.

Those on the left were quick to pin the blame on the right. George Cicariello-Maher, professor at Drexel University, posted, “It’s the...
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Talk Therapy

“I Wanted Somebody to Know…”

He was dressed like an executive—striped suit, conservative tie, starched white collar, shiny black shoes—and sat down on my couch with what appeared to be a vague smile. He was in his late forties, clean shaven and gave off an aura not of sadness or anxiety or confusion, but rather of resolution. He sat down on the couch and looked at me with that resolute expression and waited for me to speak.

I have...
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Conflict Resolution

Poll: Americans Stressed by Divisiveness

A recent poll by the American Psychological Association reported that 57% of Americans are stressed out by the political divisiveness in America. “Democrats and Republicans alike are stressed out when they think about the future of America and the political climate,” the poll said."People are saying they’re more stressed now than they have been in quite some time," said Lynn Bufka, Associate Executive Director for Practice, Research and...
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Anger and Opioid Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that has helped millions of alcoholics manage their drinking problems over the years. The AA 12-step program has in recent years also been useful to many opioid addicts. However, it does not cure them; there is another issue that is directly related to substance abuse, having to do with anger management. AA does not pay enough attention to this. It emphasizes forgiveness....
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Infidelity: Women Have Caught Up to Men

Marital cheating used to be primarily a male problem. That is no longer the case. Recent statistics of infidelity on the website, , indicated that the percentage of males who admit to cheating in any relationship they've had is 57%, while the percentage of females is 54%. In other words, cheating--whether by males or females--is virtually equal. Moreover, 71% of divorces nowadays are initiated by females.

The fact that infidelity is becoming...
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Family Myths as Resistance to Therapy

Nearly all families have myths. The family myth is usually created by one or both of the parents in order to protect themselves from truths of which they want to remain unconscious. One of the most common myths is the myth of the happy family. “We are a happy family and thus we are superior to other families,” goes the standard myth. This myth prevents children and the parents from looking...
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Screening Mothers for Postpartum Depression

The evidence has mounted for years and people are starting to take notice. Maternal depression, particularly postpartum depression, is a growing problem. And it is a problem that often goes unreported and untreated.

Estimates by experts in the field say between 1 in 6 or 1 in 7 women experience anxiety or depression during pregnancy or during the first year after birth. However, only 15 percent of women...
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Happiness Through Creative Engagement

When an artist paints, he becomes totally involved in painting.

When a pianist plays, he becomes totally involved in playing the piano.

When a basketball player practices his shot, he becomes totally involved in the shooting.

They are engaged. They lose track of time, space, and life’s ups and downs. They are at peace. They are caught up in their creative moments. They are, as the old saying goes, in the flow. ...
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