Is It Really Possible to “Do No Harm?”

All healthcare workers are aware of the ethical principle, “First, do no harm.” This popular saying derives from the Latin phrase, "primum non nocere." The term is particularly popular among those involved in the field of medicine or bioethics since it is a basic principle taught in medical schools. The saying is the basis of the Hippocratic Oath used by Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician. He wrote many books, including the Hippocratic...


Freud’s Theory Has Been Validated

One of Freud’s important theories dealt with what he called a fixation. He posited that when children go through their early stages of development, if they undergo stressful interactions caused by such things as emotional abuse or neglect, they may develop fixations.

When they develop fixations, their behavior becomes blocked in a certain respect. As an adult, the individual tends to exhibit repeating patterns that are the result of the fixation.

When you have a fixation, it...


Emotional Abuse: The Hidden Killer

“Emotional abuse is an attack on your personality rather than on your body, and it can be just as harmful as physical abuse,” says Sandra Horley, Chief Executive of Refuge, a shelter for abused women.

She cites as an example of emotional abuse gaslighting. Gaslighting is a term taken from the movie Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman as a woman driven crazy by her husband, who convinces her she is suffering from delusions when...


How Smart People Become Foolish Parents

A client came to me for help dealing with her “bratty” six-year-old. The kid was acting out at school and at home. She stated that she was confident that she had done all the right things. She had been a progressive parent who read poetry to her child while the boy was still in her womb. She had eaten nutritious meals while pregnant and had been a taught...


The Danger of Categorizing People

The categorizing of people has gone on for decades. We brand people as “white males” and “black males” and “white females” and “black females” and “transgender” and “homosexual” and “bisexual” and “lesbian,” and “conservative” and “liberal” and “Republican” and “Democrat,” placing them each into a neat group that comes with associated traits.

Stereotypes prevail. Conservatives are “conservative bigots.” Liberals are “libtards.” White males are “white supremacists.” Asians are “soft,” Blacks are...

Conflict Resolution

The Inexorable Rise in Mass Killings

Why do we have so many mass killings? Some people say the availability of guns is the reason. Guns have been available since America was born, but up until the last sixty years mass killings were few and far between. Since the 1960s there has been a significant rise in gun-related killings. Guns do not kill in and of themselves. People who use them kill. The availability of guns...


Why Did Autism Jump 150% Since 2000?

At the present time, about one in 59 American children has autism according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The incidents of autism have been steadily rising since the year 2000, when the CDCP began keeping these statistics; this represents a 150% rise in autism in 17 years.

These statistics on the rise of autism are based on data collected from eleven communities in eleven states, including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota,...


5 Family Myths That Hinder Growth

The family myth is generally an extension of the one or both parents’ narcissism. It is a kind of propaganda that is repeated over and over so that it prevents members from thinking objectively about their family’s functioning or growing.

The family myth can be simple or complex. One or both parents become the creators of the family myth, indoctrinating others with the ideology on which the myth is based....


From Below: The Intellectual Dark Web

A new force has emerged to take on the radical left that now dominates Western culture. So far it is relatively underground, but after a recent report in the New York Times revealed its existence, this underground free thought network has begun to float toward the surface.

“Crucially, the entire political axis on which traditional media still operates is shown on the intellectual dark web to be moribund,” notes Douglas Murray, one of the people who...

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