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A Case of Domestic Abuse

When this little boy, who I will call Prince, went through the potty-training stage at around 2 years old his mother insisted on wiping his behind, saying, “Let me do it. You’re too lazy to do it properly.” This is one of the more usual cases I have become acquainted with over the years.

It is unusual because the practice of wiping his behind after he...
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Are Today’s Companies Becoming Tyrannies?

A typical worker in an American company today is often asked to work late every evening. He is often required to work on weekends. They are not allowed to make personal calls and they are required to adhere to a certain code of conduct or value system devised by the company. Often they are also micromanaged.

Employees are literally expected to be married to the company, which means they can no longer have...
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10 Smiles and What They Mean

There are many kinds of smiles and each one has a meaning. Each attempts to achieve a goal, and each has some type of effect on the recipient of the smile.

Below I offer a list of the ten most common smiles along with their meanings and ramifications.

1. Cheerful Smile. This kind of smile is an authentic smile by someone who is feeling happy to be alive and happy to share the happiness of being alive....
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Can Open Relationships Save Marriages?

Sometimes people get married and they are a great match. They are in love and they respect each other and their sex life is wonderful. In some cases people get married and love and respect each other, but their sex life isn’t working. In these and other cases, for various reasons, some couples then consider having an “open relationship.”

Research by the National Opinion Research Center concludes that about 4 to 5 percent...
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Turning-Point Dreams

Now and again a client will bring in a dream that indicates significant progress in the treatment. I call these dreams “turning-point dreams.” These dreams are often so striking that the dreamer wakes up in the middle of the night and is struck by the vividness of the dream and still under the sway of the deep emotions that fueled the dream.

Such dreams contain material which, when interpreted, show that the client has...
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Freud’s “Death Wish” Makes Tragic Return Visit

According to reports, Emma Kelly, a 43-year-old British adventurist, went missing while kayaking in the Amazon jungle in South America. Police in Brazil have arrested three men, including a teenager, who they said robbed and killed her.

The teenager confessed to taking part in the slaying and said he was with six others at the time. The teen told police he and his cohorts shot and threw Kelly in the Solimoes River....
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Study: Freud Was Right about Personality

Can a nerdy child grow up to be an aggressive tycoon? Can a childhood bully develop into a mild-mannered librarian?

Psychologists have debated for a hundred years whether our personalities develop mainly in early childhood or continue to change and grow throughout our lives. Sigmund Freud was the first to state that personality is formed in early childhood and basically stays the same throughout adulthood.

Now research seems to back up Freud’s contention.

A new study, which appears...
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Conflict Resolution

Study: Marriage Can Kill You

Marital Status and marital strain seems to increase the risk of coronary heart disease, according to research called The Framingham Offspring Study, which began in 1984 and continued for the next ten years.

The bottom line: a bad marriage can kill you.

The study, conducted at Framingham, Massachusetts by Elaine D. Eaker, ScD and colleagues, focused on a ten-year follow-up of selected subjects to determine if marriage and marital...
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