10% of US Children Have ADHD

The number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has mushroomed to 10 percent of American children, which represents a significant increase over the past 20 years, according to a recent study. America has led the world in reported cases of ADHD, which has caused many experts to wonder whether there are more cases or whether it has simply become the go-to diagnosis for troubled kids in America.

The study was published in JAMA...


The Age of Destructive Communication

We have now had about 17 mass killings this year (of 4 or more people), and the year isn’t finished yet. Mass killing are one of the most heinous forms of destructive communication, the ultimate acting out of feelings. A while back President Trump said to Kim Jung Un, President of North Korea, that if the Korean leader continued to escalate his development of his nuclear arsenal, Un would experience “fire and fury like the world has never seen.” This, again, is the most destructive kind of communication—a harsh death threat. When people verbalize their negative feelings with the goal of fostering understanding and resolving a dispute, they are using constructive communication. When they are acting out, they are using destructive communication, and their goal is to be right, to win, and to persecute their opponent.


Mind Games of the Third Kind

At the turn of the 20th Century Sigmund Freud came along and discovered his neurotic defense mechanisms. These were, in fact, “games” people played with others (and with themselves) in order to defend against the truth. For example, “projection” was a defense mechanism that people use to unconsciously deny their own hatred and attribute it to others.

A few generations ago Eric Berne wrote a bestseller called, Games People Play, which began a new...


The Fast Sex Online Dating Addiction

, one of the leading online dating services, recently did a survey. The survey found that one out of six singles felt addicted to online dating. The younger generation (born since 2,000), called millennials, were 125% more likely to say they were addicted than those from other generations. Men were 97% more likely than women to say they were addicted. Fifty-four percent of women said they were burned out.

Tinder, an...


New Research: What Do Women Want?

It has gone on since Sigmund Freud flippantly replied to a question by one of his female followers about the motivation of women:  “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is, ‘What does a woman want?’”

The mystery of what women want continued to be a mystery—until now.

Recent research by Meredith Chivers, a psychology...


The Facebook Political War

“There's only a certain amount of retard I can take in a day, as I'm sure is the case with everyone, but Facebook now narrows the margin to 5 mins before I start getting a pulsating headache caused by liberals and their absurdly cretinous posts. It really is starting to affect my mental health.” So posted a man on Facebook recently. This post is representative of a multitude of similar posts by conservative extremists. “They [Republicans] engineer war and economic chaos in South America and then blame those seeking to escape it,” posted a liberal on Facebook, who might have been representative of a multitude of similar liberal posts.

Mental Illness

Is Sanity the Same as Wisdom?

What is sanity? As a psychoanalyst I have tried to define it. What is wisdom? Is it the same as sanity? I believe it is. People who are sane are able to understand themselves. They are able to look at themselves objectively and they are able to look at the world objectively. If you are able to look yourself and the world objectively, you are both sane and wise. If you are able to look at yourself and the world objectively and be matter-of-fact about it, you are even more sane and wise.


Early Gender Choices Show Career/Home Path

The idea that girls should have careers rather than staying at home and being housewives has long been encouraged by feminism. In 1992 the President of the Ms. Foundation for Women began the first Take Our Daughters to Work Day, which followed a theme that can be found in feminist writings from the beginning. Only later, after many complaints, were boys added to yearly event. However, a recent study by a group of researchers published in Psychological Science appears to contradict this notion that girls should have careers. Katharina Block, Antonya Marie Gonzalez, Toni Schmader, and Andrew Scott Baron, the authors of the study, found that by the age of six girls are more family oriented than boys, and boys were more career-oriented than girls. Since this gender difference occurred so early in life, researchers regarded it as possibly an innate gender difference.


Maybe Mental Illness Isn’t Mental Illness

In Medieval days people who had mental illnesses were thought to be possessed by the Devil or by demons. Nowadays we have developed three systems of classifying mental illnesses, according to a recent study, and each views them in a different way. But are today’s systems really better? "The phenomenon of mental illness or psychopathology is much more complex, much more multi-determined, much less categorical than any of us ever thought going into it," one of the authors of the study, Lee Ann Clark notes.


Inside Evil: Grasping Men Who Hate Women

CNN has been presenting a six-part series called “Inside Evil,” hosted by Chris Cuomo. In its promotional copy CNN says it intends to shed light on the “mind of evil,” exploring the nature and nurture of such a mind. However, a recent segment of the series, about a woman named Debra Newell who is swept off her feet by con-artist John Meehan, falls far short of its hype. The program focuses on Debra Newell’s story, and on that of one of her daughters, whom Meehan tries to kidnap and kill. It only investigates Meehan’s criminal past in bits and pieces, but does not try to understand how he got that way.

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