Fear of Commitment? Struggle with Anxiety? Maybe You Are Afraid to be Loved

Unconscious fear of intimacy; fear of being loved; fear of commitment; do you allow yourself to be loved? These were a few of my working titles for this blog post.

The word that keeps coming up is FEAR or in other words, ANXIETY. I hear the word anxiety far more often in my practice than I hear the word fear. People are a lot more inclined to say, "I struggle with anxiety" than "I struggle with fear." In any case, this is a...


Being a Couple Versus Being Parents: Why is it So Hard for Some Couples To Stay Together After Having Kids?

“Hippo love” by Scott Richard; pic by torbakhopper

Some of you may know that many of my friends and family are at the age of having small children right now, including myself. You can imagine that as a parent and child and adolescent therapist, I talk to a lot of other parents, who struggle with their roles of mothers and fathers. This struggle often impacts their...


Social Anxiety vs. Shyness: How to Recognize the Signs of Social Phobia in Adolescence

In my practice, I’ve worked with many teenagers and young adults whose primary presenting concern is social anxiety. That may not be why they come to seek treatment, however. Often, it is because of the consequences of the disorder - depression, inability to be successful in the world, feelings of isolation, increased anxiety, inability to engage with people in a meaningful way, etc.


7 Things Sigmund Freud “Nailed” About Love & Sex

If there is one thing that almost all of my patients speak about in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in one shape or form, it's LOVE. Am I really lovable? How do I make my relationship work? Why can't I find a stable partner? Is there something I am doing wrong? Sound familiar? Maybe you are one of the few people out there who doesn't ask themselves similar questions.

Either way, we all NEED to feel loved, especially around Valentine's Day. Love, sex, fantasies, and relationships are on our minds today...


Are You a Good Candidate for Psychoanalytic Treatment?

As we enter into the new year and make our resolutions, I wanted to go back to the beginning and answer the question, "Are you a good candidate for psychoanalytic treatment?"

Whether you've never been in any form of psychotherapy before or you can call yourself a therapy veteran, by the end of this post I hope that you'll be able to answer the question, "Is psychoanalysis right for me?"

Not everyone...