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Archives for June, 2017

Acting out

Understanding the Ego, Super Ego and the Subject of the Unconscious

I recently returned from the Annual Training in Psychoanalysis in Quebec City, where we discussed the Clinic of the (Psychoanalytic) Symptom. There is something to be said about the culture in Quebec that allows psychoanalytic thought to flow freely and for the unconscious to express itself through the work of art and psychoanalysis. I am trying to make space for something similar through this blog.

A lot was said about the clinic of the symptom and the...
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10 Questions about Psychoanalysis with Charles Turk, MD

Alright folks, as promised, I give you my 10 questions about psychoanalysis with one of my mentors, psychiatrist Charles Turk, who connected me to the training analysts of GIFRIC in Quebec City around 8 years ago, as well as to their extraordinary program for the treatment of young adults with psychosis. The center is named after its street address, Le 388, and I first visited it five years ago with Dr. Turk. I will talk more about...
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