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Archives for May, 2015

Children & Teens

Self-Injurious Behavior: Do You Self Harm Without Knowing It?

One of the most common symptoms, why people come for individual counseling, is some form of self-injurious behavior. Unfortunately, people do not always recognize it as such and tend to minimize or rationalize the severity of their actions. My hope today is to shed some light on the various forms of self-injurious behaviors plus some of the underlying problems that people, who self injure, face.

Not only adolescent girls self harm

Self-injury is most...
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How Early Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Mental Health: 1 Problem We Fail to Mention

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the early childhood experiences of trauma will affect adult mental health later in life. And yet, somehow, many people continue to rely primarily on pharmaceuticals and medication management to address the impact of trauma on the human mind - a physiological solution to a psychological problem. Why is that? And how do we make sense of the real impact early childhood trauma has on adult mental...
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Children & Teens

12 Signs that Your Teen Needs Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalysis has the misleading reputation of being the talking cure for the adult patient. Well, it is not. Children and adolescents can benefit greatly from early intervention and prevention through psychoanalytic work that can help prevent more serious and long-term problems in the future.

Child psychoanalyst and psychoanalytic therapists work with children (and their parents) as young as infants. Psychoanalytic technique changes depending on the age and developmental needs of each individual patient but...
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