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Archives for April, 2015


10 Questions About Psychoanalysis You Have But Are Afraid to Ask

There are many myths floating around about psychoanalysis and you may be wondering what is true and what isn't. Not everyone wants to immerse themselves into the psychoanalytic journey of deeper understanding of oneself or the dramatic change in behavior and the improved quality of life that often comes as a result of it. Some people need much more immediate and quick solutions such as medication to stabilize mood and alleviate anxiety...
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4 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship

Wondering whether you and your partner fight too much?

What's normal and what's abusive in a relationship? When we are in love, sometimes it's hard to look at our relationship with an objective eye. We tend to find excuses for past behaviors and focus on the future with a hopeful, optimistic look: "It will never happen again; this was just a mishap."

Unfortunately, when it comes to
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